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I have a concern regarding fiverr support and would like to seek your opinions.
I recently raised a ticket with fiverr support which they replied that, they have passed on to technical team and support team will get back with an update soon.

Its been quite a few days now, but I have not received any update again. I think my issue is resolved but still an update from them as a confirmation would have been better. If no update, and ask them for some clarification or more understanding on the same topic, I don’t get a reply.

Its not the first time though. They are very generous and helpful and reply back for the first time and most of the time resolve the issue as well, but if I need some clarification they hardly reply.

Have you faced similar experience or Its few of cases and only with me.? need your support and kind words.


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If its a technical issue then it may take some time to resolve. They’ll let you if its resolved or not via email along with a follow-up email asking you to rate the service you’ve received.

they are like anyone else. They give it to a different team and then it passes without them remembering probably. They may not get an update from the technical team so they have no answer for you.

If the problem is fixed then just let it go.

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