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Fiverr Support declines BUYER'S personal request?!?


My buyer for an order I had who has been attempting to remove their negative review has been contacting Fiverr Support to personally REMOVE their negative feedback - however Support refuses to acknowledge their request.

So then I decide to message Fiverr Support our screenshots and they still say no that I am “soliticiting” the buyer when the buyer just actually cares about their privacy.

Here are 2 screenshots of my buyer stating TWICE that they would like their review removed.

The third screenshot was just sent to me this morning.
This is completely unfair for not just the buyer, but for myself as well. While I would like the review off just as much as the buyer would, I pretty much feel bad for them. After many attempts, Support refuses to help the buyer.

I’m very disappointed right now - Support used to be very kind but now they obviously out do not care about this buyer and their privacy. The buyer is being very ticked off.

What should I do?


So, the buyer left negative feedback and personal information. Correct? Just trying to understand better.

Hence, “I don’t want my bf or work place to see this what do I do.”

I would imagine, if the identifiable information was posted by the buyer, Customer Support would remove it to protect her identity/privacy.


Maybe suggest to your buyer to request another Support Team member to review her ticket. If you, also submitted a ticket request the same. It seems odd that they refuse to remove this information if it’s indeed a privacy concern.


isn’t there a “request for review modification” function on the new resolution center?

or does it not apply to old reviews?


If the buyer was concerned about privacy, why did they post a review?