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Fiverr support didn't reinstate my account


For 7 days now, Fiverr system asked me to verify my identity by submitting a Government issued ID card. I submitted one and Fiverr system rejects it twice and since then, my account had been restricted. Since then, I’ve been contacting Fiverr support over and over again every single ■■■■ day and their support system aren’t even replying to any of my requests and am not even sure they are even working on it.

I have been unable to do anything on my account since last week, all my gigs have been denied and I’ve loose so many orders from various clients. It’s actually frustrating to see the way Fiverr Support are handling things and trying to solve this issue. Can someone help me out PLEASE?


Unfortunately, we cannot help you with this. The only resolution you will find will have to come from Customer Support. They are the only people that can help you with account access issues.


I understand. but I’ve been messaging them over and over again, they do not reply me at all. they keep merging my request


It usually take them around 48 hours to reply. You should’ve get confirmation email stating approximate turnaround time.

Sending them more messages also wouldn’t really help but only can make you banned if system considers it as spamming.


That would seem to be an answer then. Fiverr CS keeps merging requests because you keep asking the same thing… and they keep giving you the same, “please stop asking us the same thing over and over” answer. Merging a request would suggest that you don’t need multiple contact attempts on the same issue. :wink:

I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t getting the answer you want from CS, however, that still doesn’t mean that we can help you. We are sellers – just like you. We do not have access to your account, nor do we have the authority to provide access to your account. That WILL have to be resolved by CS.


At times I wonder how many sellers fiverr will lose because of this verification process, why is it so hard to verify I.D???

These are questions I begin to ask myself, I barely see people who are successful with the I.D verification process on this forum…


Because there is no reason to post anything if they are already successful with verification. Only persons who post on this forum is who have some issues regarding their accounts or need suggestions.


This may be because only the people who have troubles with the verification process actually bother to comment and complain about it here on the forums. Hundreds of sellers could be having no troubles at all, and we will never know because they have no reason to comment about it publicly.

It would be unwise to assume that the forum is an accurate cross-section of all users on Fiverr. The people here are only a tiny fraction of all of the users across the site.


You guys seem to be right…thanks for the clarification


Thanks to everyone. Fiverr has approved my ID card yesterday. Thanks. I love you guys all

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