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Fiverr Support Disappeared

I am not happy with a seller’s delivery. So, I would like to cancel the add on service that was not started. Fiverr Support suggested to me to make one more order and I did. When it comes to the refund part, there is not even one reply in the past 10 days. The Fiverr support team just disappeared! is it a scamp or something?


Happy is relative. Did the seller deliver what you described and asked for?
I sell graphic design and some of the artwork has quite step pricing as per Fivers standard but I always make sure client knows what he is paying, my TIME and artwork.

What’s being purchased?

You’re buying the designer’s (my) time and design. I am an experienced professional, and to use my services in any way, you must compensate me for the time spent working.

This is similar to hiring a doctor. You go to the office, let the doctor do what he/she thinks is appropriate, hear the diagnosis and treatment, then decide whether or not you agree enough to follow along. Regardless of whether or not you think the prescription the doctor gave you is worth filling, you still have to pay the bill because the doctor’s time is valuable and you used some of it up.

If on another hand the seller failed completely in delivering the proper service, then you should ask for a refund. No need for second-order or anything else. just be persistent and ask for refund.

It will take some time, but will happen eventually.

For my “I am not sure what I want” clients I suggest they pay me small fee to work on their artwork. if they like it, they pay extra for the artwork. if they do not like it I just keep them money they paid for the actual work.


My topic is about fiverr’s poor support who disappeared.

I am not complaining about the designer. My order was very clear, I just want a text logo and provided references. But the outcome was not nice. Call it subjective but as a buyer, I am not happy. But I didn’t complaint and just paid for his time and “design”. What I am asking for is to refund the add-on service of logo application on stationary that must base on the completion of logo, right?

fiverr support suggested me to ask the seller to arrange a smaller order to reflect the work done so that support team can cancel the original order to refund to me the part is not even started. Both seller and buyer agreed and we did it but then the support team disappeared. No reply to my 3 emails… I’m wondering what is the problem…

hope i made myself clearer this time.

Did you open a new ticket … or add a reply to the original one … ?

If you opened a new ticket, you’ve gone back to the end of the queue and it may take anything up to 10 days for CS to get to it …

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Thank you for sharing details, especially since I am a logo designer and interesting enough I did not know that was the core of your order and complaint.

I understand completely. Logos are very subjective, especially when you are dealing with just one person “who wants logo”. Ordering something important as logo should include more people on buyers end to get more opinions. I know about some logos that the main CEO and owner loved but that was drawn as “bad samples” of logos. It was very fortunate the entire PR team managed to convince that the logo he wants are bad.

One of the reasons I do not send bad logos as samples of, well, bad logos. Somehow people like them.
You do have the right for the refund on marketing materials and stationery creation if the logo itself is not OK for you.

The speed of CS is relative and dependable from day to day. Because of Covid you have a huge mass of people trying to make “easy” money online and obviously 80% of them do not read TOS and go straight to CS when there is an “issue”. Due to that, it takes time to process all requests.

And on another note, depending on the budget, meaning if the budget is really low, and especially if you wanted a typography logo, why not try online logo makers? Even if you do not get the best design at least you will get better idea of what you like and do not like.

Sadly, large amount of “designers” on Fiverr is actually doing just that.

I have no problem with online logo makers but you should be open with client about it.

My logo maker is my hand, pencil and sketchbook.

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