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Fiverr Support don't reply. Its been 4 days

Hi, a buyer placed an order on my gig without asking me. And demanded services that exceed the gig description and budget. Also, he gave 2 hours for a task that require at least 3 days. So, naturally, I refused to complete the order and opened a ticket on Fiverr support to cancel the order so that it doesn’t affect my gig. Now its been four days but the Fiverr support has not seen my ticket and the buyer is constantly demanding a refund. Also since the buyer chose one-day delivery time from the gig so I delivered an empty file to the buyer to stop the timer and told the buyer to not accept the delivery. So, what should I do now?


Nooo… you shouldn’t have delivered the empty file!! NEVER do that.

You should just request the cancellation and wait! CS would be on your side since the buyer asked for more than what they should. But now with the empty delivery you may get a warning…

If you already requested the cancellation just be patient and wait…


You will get warning for not delivering files (empty delivery)

You mention not to accept order what will happened if the order autocomplete by fiverr with empty delivery? guess what the order will be cancel by Cs (Order Cancel)

More better to delivery original work before Cs take any action.


Uh-oh. Now you’re in the wrong.

I have prevented it from autocompletion by delivering again. How should I deliver files when the client is asking to cancel the order. The CS is not replying.

Oh. I thought this would effect my order completion rate. What should I do now to prevent warning? Now should I cancel the order from dispute and then cancel the tickets? Btw, I told the client in the delivery description to not accept this delivery.

What should I do now? I told client in delivery description to not accept this delivery, And it is just to prevent the timer. I thought this would affect my order completion rate. Now what are my options to prevent warning?

sending Empty files to stop time is violation of fiverr TOS !
This may lead you to get warning !
Never do this.

What should I do now to prevent warning?

You can initiate a cancellation yourself using the resolution centre. Ask the buyer to cancel this order option

Simply send cancellation request to buyer and ask him to accept that and let him know that he will get all refund he added and never mentioned any thing what happened in back !
tell CS that you solve it and close ticket asap !

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Okay. I have send the cancellation request. Thank you guys.

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