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Fiverr support exist?

I got four ticket pending, but fiverr support isn’t helping. its been 22 days since I created ticket but look like no one at home. Buyer keep screwing my profile but fiverr support look like isn’t there. What Should I do? Maybe Fiverr owner reduced staff for keep more earning to himself. I’m planing to leave this site, if a level one seller can’t get help imagine situation of new seller


Yes, Fiverr support does exist.

However, the number of sellers is now two to three times as many as before the pandemic. :family_woman_woman_boy: :family_woman_woman_girl_girl: :family_woman_girl:

As a result, there are also sellers that seem to not read TOS and the advice on the Fiverr Forum of what NOT to do.

All of the above contribute to Customer Service taking much longer to respond.

Are all of your tickets about the same issue? :thinking:

Because if they are then I would not expect an answer at all from CS. On this forum, I have read that CS ignores any service request that is filed more than once. They merely send all of the requests to their spam :file_folder: folder. :grimacing:


one ticket is enough … there’s no need to spam them


If the 4 tickets indeed are all about the same issue, I would mark 3 of them as solved myself (that’s possible), so they get closed, and add any relevant info that those 3 had to the 1 that’s still active then.

If they are all about different issues, I’d choose the most important one and politely ask if they got around to looking into the issue yet, I think after 22 days, that’s okay. Also, in that case, maybe try to figure out if there is anything you can do yourself to prevent issues; if four buyers at about the same time “screw your profile”, maybe there is something you could do, like being clearer in your gig description, your inbox communication, or whatever may have led to the issues.


They’re for different order not same

You’re contacting CS about four different orders?

I imagine they aren’t responding because you’re asking for their help with things they expect you to resolve yourself.