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Fiverr Support Fails Again


I don’t know how hard it is to screw this one up.
Here is the picture … and the ticket I made asking CS to remove his review because he was “too tired to” and will “do it tomorrow” … has gone “Solved” without a message back from CS or anything fixed.

This place is going straight downhill and fast.

This guy ordered my consultation gig… I added him… Sent a message…
Waited a few days… sent another… he sends me a message saying his product are sent over… still wont setup an appointment. 2 weeks later out of the blue (after I completely forgot about him) … He tell me that he wants to setup an appointment that evening. Luckily my wife answered while I was asleep and setup his appointment for 9PM central time. Made sure to tell him “MY TIME” not his time (twice).

He comes back 2 hours earlier than schedule … tries to reach out to me while I was sleeping… And for 2 hours kept blowing up skype… 2 hours ahead of the scheduled time. Keep in mind this idiot didn’t know he can see what time it is “MY TIME” right at the top of skype.

Anyway , during this 2 hours of moronic ninnyfitting he decides to come and shit on my consultation gig with a 1 star review stating how its “impossible to setup an appointment with us and it took over 2 weeks”.
He didn’t mention the fact that he got the time zones wrong… or that we sent numerous messages asking him when he’d like to talk … or the fact that he took a 2 week unannounced visit to china.
He also mentioned how he actually found time to hire someone else on fiverr during the 2 hours he spent failing to make his appointment with me!

Whats worse? He told me he would remove the review tomorrow (2 days ago now) because he was “too tired” …

Even worse?

Review is still up.

If this doesnt scream Screw Fiverr… I don’t know what does.

This place is trash.


I am sure you can get the review removed, just share the screenshot with customer support. I see you have tried once, try again.


I sent them a screen shot.
I sent them a video screen capture showing a lot more of our chat log.
I included that picture.

They literally closed the ticket and didn’t say jack shit.

If you can think of a reason that this place isn’t trash right now. I’m all ears.
What the hell are they even doing here at this point? I’m so pissed about this , I can barely contain myself.

On their facebook page it says:
“What makes a doer? Not playing by someone else’s idiotic rules. Find the freedom on Fiverr to live your own way.”

Yea , that’s right… freedom to live my own way. I’m just gonna start treating these clients how I really feel. Screw these idiotic rules like … professionalism and … agreements. If buyers can be incompetent morons and get away with it … then I’m going to go Ham AND Eggs on them.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about fair reviews and it’s not like I have a problem getting absolutely amazing reviews … My problem is how stupid fiverr support can be when it comes to blatantly obvious things like this. It doesnt get any easier than this.

The client wants to remove his review.
So fiverr should remove it.
End of story , do it now. Done …

What the hell?


Did you try the resolution center on the order page?


You know , I keep forgetting that is a thing. I dont mind refunding this guy or whatever. I’ll see if that works. Thanks @saddu_writerWas nice of support to recommend that for me huh?


Not sure if it removes the review though. … ?
Scratch that , no options anyway when I clicked the button.
This was an order that was ordered Jan 26… this jackass waited that long to finally start getting in touch with me over skype for his consultation… I really have no idea why somebody would just want to be a derp like this… There was clearly no reason for it. He took a damn vacation to china and told me to wait for the stuff he was sending. He claims he sent a barrage of messages and that’s untrue. He sent a barrage of messages 2hrs before his scheduled time that we last set up… but I was sleeping! Total moron.
Really this place is dumb. I’m so out.


Is there an option in the Resolution Center to request feedback modification?


Yes there is. (20 Char)


The red flag for you was how sloppy and unorganized that person is. I don’t understand why you didn’t stop there. That should of told you right away that he isn’t someone you should work with. Sometimes you have to be very picky about who you work with - sometimes the slightest things can tick off a customer. Once I sense a customer is even a little bit ticked off, I cancel the order and leave. I’m not risking my ratings for $5 and a negative feedback.


The thing is … My job is simple… If a client wants to contact me… for any reason… video requests over skype saves them days of talking it out sometimes…

What it draws down to is the guy just didnt want to read when I was available and assumed I was going to be available on HIS time. He simply wouldnt contact me at the time my gig says I’m available and because I was able to answer his first message outside of that window… he assumed that was normal. He continued to ignore me telling him to contact me after 6pm… People just dont read.

And he was able to leave a stupid review and fiverr just doesnt care about helping the sellers with this stuff… even when they own up to their mistake and say they want to remove the review…

----->This is a new level of Screw You Sellers<-----


I forgot the answer to my security question. Recently, I contacted support to reset it and sent my identification document. Support responded by asking me the answer to my security question, which I had clearly written that I forgot. Apparently, this shows the respondent never bothered to understand my concern.
So I am currently stuck in this circle.

Will let you know if there is any development.


They don’t know what the hell they are doing man.

They marked both of my tickets solved and on one of the tickets they just repeated the same answer and asked me if I was referring to a specific order… which I was … which shows that they didn’t even read through the last response on that ticket!

They even closed out a 2nd ticket of mine that was for a completely different case TWICE NOW WITH NO RESPONSE TO IT WHAT SO EVER!

It’s safe to say support is not there for you anymore.

At this point … if they arent going to fix bad reviews from dumb-asses for me… I really don’t have a need for them unless I can’t take my money out of my account… which did happen one day out of the blue for no reason at all and really caused some problems… There are several reasons why working here is super risky… No contact support phone number should clue you in enough.

Their facebok page is literally crawling with pissed off sellers/buyers.

It’s a joke to take this place seriously after this month. I’m totally done trying to uphold the same standards I’ve been keeping myself to for literally the past 6 years here… simply because it goes unappreciated and we have no more support to warrant the type of effort I’ve been putting into this place and my business here.

I’ll still be offering great videos… but I’m not putting up with anyone’s shit anymore and my rating will take a hit for sure… But you see, I have ways around that too which I’m going to start putting into motion. This is a computer program. I know computers. I know the rules. I’ll just start doing what it takes to maintain my head above water here without worrying about it so much. Can this place be a whole let better and more efficient? Sure… is that fiverr’s goal? Obviously not.
Yea cryptic I know…


I think whoever is in charge of CS pressurises them and evaluates their performance strictly based on the number of tickets closed. I saw it in PayPal to some time back, and this is usually the outcome of a company’s outsourced CS gone bad.

I respect them anyway; they are humans too under pressure I bet. Otherwise they wouldnt almost all respond the same way. However, for me, I would rather have someone taking their time to respond to my concern, than have someone respond in a way it shows that he or she don’t care.


You are right. And I think 100% right… it sounds like they did outsource terribly.

I suspected this all took a downhill turn around the time everyone got these little cartoony looking profile pictures. And the generic simple names… really I dont think English is the first language of most of the ones who are looking at my tickets… honestly it can’t be. (sorry if it is CS but … seriously it doesnt feel like it) Could be another reason why they dont type much to you. Its really a mess. Its a sad mess. This is a blessing in disguise for me though. It always is… It just means for me I need to focus on other things I should have been doing for a few years now. I talk about fiverr to a lot of people and offer it as a platform to start a new business and see how it works out. Now I can’t even recommend it for that anymore… or … at least I’ll position it a bit differently…

“You know … you can get on fiverr , try some stuff … hope for the best… don’t take it too seriously.”

Rather than:
“Fiverr is a great way to build a business from scratch and test your prices and tune up your craft. You should try it… put yourself out there… be professional … do your best… and if you’re lucky you’ll grow your business pretty fast.”

See the difference? I’m not the only one thats gonna be talking about fiverr like this. Not with this kind of support staff =/


I think they may have a lot of work to do and are understaffed possibly especially now with all the bugs on the orders.


Did you get one bugged too? I sent in a video today before bed and when I got up … it showed that I had 5 hours left on the timer (from the To-Do list)

But in the order it showed I delivered it … with no running timer showing…
But it didnt say “Your order is delivered! Here it is!”

So … very buggy.


Yes I had a hard time getting two orders to deliver in the last 24 hours. I kept delivering and delivering and nothing happened. They finally went through.


Glad I slept through all that O_o… But I wonder if this one would have gone “late”…
I’d flip out all over again.


I am sorry to hear about your experience, but I might have missed something though, does Fiverr allow outside contact? Might be why they are not bothered with your case since you broke TOS (again don’t be upset I might have missed something)


@driedwriter It’s a Skype consultation gig, that’s allowed.