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Fiverr Support Form Doesn't Work

I am not sure if I am the only one has this issue. I have tried three times using the support form to submit my request, but none of my messages have got through. I used to get an auto-reply from Fiverr saying that they have received my request, but I haven’t got any auto-reply since last week, and I always waited for more than 48 hours to send my request again in case the customer support got my messages.

Has anyone run into the same problem?

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Try using - you should get an auto reply that way.


You’re not the only one.
It seems that it doesn’t work with some topics you choose. I’ve reported it as well, but they said it’s probably because I wasn’t logged in :disappointed:
So I had to send them a screenshot. We’ll see what they respond now.


I tried that, no auto-reply either :disappointed_relieved:

I am pretty sure I logged in every time I sent the request. I also tried to log out, and sent the message that way, but actually login was required before you can send the support request :joy:

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Try this link :small_red_triangle_down: to see if it takes you to your (tickets) activities. Just to confirm if your requests were submitted or not.

I checked that as well. Nope, my new ticket still hasn’t been logged… Not sure what to do now since the support form and email are both not working at all :sob:

I got a reply back from CS and they didn’t even try to reproduce it nor check it :disappointed:
It’s like banging your head against the wall.

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I tried to change the request category use different browsers etc, nothing have worked. I was wondering how did you get a hold of them? :sob:

I have do it many time and they response politely to me and solve problem for me but now they they response but some time i did not resolve my problem…
but i am still happy with their speedy response,

i have the same problem, can’t submit the support form. i tried with 3 different browsers.