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FIVERR Support - Gig price is significantly different

Is there an email for support? the GIG price displayed for my offering is significantly larger than what I have put on my offering. At this price, no-one will pay for my services. Have been wasting time searching for support. Can anyone assist pls?


have you checked your currency ?if not just edit your gig price again. You can contact the Fiverr by going to the bottom of the page, and find it

Indeed, you can edit your gig at anytime and change description, prices, add extras…
You just have to go to your gig=> edit => pricing

Hope it helped you.
SandrineIsen :slight_smile:

I’ve seen another post like yours recently, seems to be a bug or something else is up, if it’s not you having set Canadian or Australian dollars or such, but I can’t really see Fiverr randomly changing our gig prices, that’s something else than changing the category, for example, which they sometimes do, and even then, they send a mail about that.
I’m curious to hear what they’ll say.

There is an email (googling will show it as support @, I’ve used it once, when the ticket system was down, and it worked for me), but you’re supposed to use the ticket system (you’ll find the link when going through help & support, seller help center, scroll to “Contact Us” button), so I’m not sure which route would be faster.

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