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I had a very very bad experience this morning. Here’s how it went:

Client made an order ($5, like ***** right?), provided ZERO information, ZERO response when asked for several days. After those days, he came online not only did he successfully cancel his order, walk away with $5 and left me with:

  1. Negative review (I have a clean slate, this is like someone stealing 1year of hardwork from me)
  2. Negative orders completed (I only take one or two orders at a time as I have a day job)

PS: Support gave him 100% support and told me I was wrong…

Upwork did this and FAILED at it!, fiverr is on the path I think

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When you got no response from the buyer for several days you should have cancelled the order and not let it sit there until it went late.

You brought the negative review on yourself by not doing this. It is an automatic negative review put there by the system.


It would’ve hurt his reputation no matter what. His cancellation rates would’ve increased. When a buyer places a shitty order like that, there’s just nothing for sellers to do to save himself. Even if you contact CS, they will just cancel the order like and increase your cancellation rate. Which will result in your gig losing it’s place on the search result.


@onepostmedia He still should have cancelled it. You don’t get to keep the money just because they don’t come back and respond.

Yes that’s right. So what? It’s what you have to do.


Wasn’t it already discussed here?


Closed since it was previously discussed.