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If anyone from Fiverr support is around I need your help. I am not being able to contact tech support because my username is suspended. That is the notification I get each time I try to lodge a request.

I’m here to resolve this issue and am requesting someone from support to please get in touch as soon as possible.


Customer Support doesn’t read the forum. Your account is not suspended, though. You have active gigs right now.

I guess I should say, you aren’t banned. If you were, you couldn’t be on the forum either. I’ve never seen a message about being suspended but you can share a screenshot if you wish. You could try reaching CS on their Facebook or Twitter pages.

Hi, maybe my “help” account is suspended because I haven’t been able to lodge a complaint and I have not been able to get my levels back either. Screenshot attached for reference.

So, you have multiple issues here but since you have an active Fiverr account, you should be able to eventually fix it. Two things you’ll need to do are read the Terms of Service very carefully and practice not just patience, but extreme patience.

What got you in trouble in the beginning was breaking the Terms, maybe because you didn’t read them. Then you should have written one single polite apology to Customer Support and asked them for suggestions on regaining your levels. They probably would have told you that you could keep selling and after they saw you staying in the rules, you’d have re-earned your levels.

Instead, you got impatient and instead of focusing on impressing Fiverr with good behavior, you spammed them. My guess is that you did it because they didn’t respond on your timeline. I see you still have problems with patience. Today you inboxed me and then when I didn’t respond in a few hours, you wrote me again. No one likes that, so Fiverr blocked your support account for spam.

I doubt they will leave it forever if you can get your head together, but now you have a lot to fix. First, you’ll need to leave CS completely alone for at least 45 days. Second, during those days, done panic over withdrawals. Just complete as many small orders as you can, honest sales, no rule breaking. I say small sales because since you are so close to losing your account you don’t want to risk big money sales that could end in refunds. Show Fiverr you are here to do this right.

After 45 or more days, see if your support account is unblocked. If so, thank them, apologize again and ask if there is anything else you can do to get levels back and address any withdrawal issues. Then wait as long as it takes. They might give you everything or they might want to to send proof of identity

I know that sounds tough, but remember, if you hadn’t broken rules and become impatient, it wouldn’t have happened. Hang in and see if you can step up and put this account back together. Otherwise, you can always try other sites out there.

Hey thanks for the reply, that is sound advice however I don’t really have issues with patience. In the inbox as you mentioned I only replied to each of your replies, you can go and check this and you will see that each of my replies have come after you have replied first. The first time I wrote it as a broken message in two parts because I had to convey the second part and had forgotten to write it the first time.

Secondly, I do accept that yes I ended up spamming them not because I was impatient but more because they blamed it on me “accepting money via outside Fiverr” which is not true, the link was simply showing my portfolio and I messaged them to show me proof that I accepted paymen otherwise?

Fiverr is my bread and butter so I would think many times before trying to accept money from outside Fiverr. I have never done so. Moreover Fiverr has a list of my clients I am sure because well, they own my account. So they can ask every single one about my “character” and they will only hear good things about it. This is an open option to them and I urged them to prove to me how and why they had the right to say that I accepted money by another means. But they didn’t do that, instead they blocked my support account. Which I accept was blocked due to me spamming and asking them for proof. This was my mistake and nothing else. I do accept responsibility for this mistake and this is what I want to rectify here.

About waiting 45 days, I’d like to inform you that it has actually been 60 days since the incident and I have not been complaining or ranting or writing about this in any sort of way. The only thing I have been doing is waiting. But, now that it has been 60 days I tried accessing my account again and it was still not accessible. This is why I posted on the Forum here. As you mentioned I have only been doing my gigs regularly, have not been getting any bad reviews, have only shown good behaviour (not that I had ever shown bad behaviour anyway) but I still haven’t received my help account back, let alone my levels. This is a bit extreme and this is what I’d like to rectify.

As for reading the terms and conditions I went through the quite clearly and I know that sharing links is prohibited via messages however people have shared links to their portfolios via their “gig information” and appear as featured gigs. Therefore since Fiverr themselves chose these people as “featured gigs” I thought it would be OK if I shared links to my portfolio via my gigs as well. Apparently I still got a warning. Therefore yes I also agree with you that it ended up being a violation of terms of service and this isn’t something that I am denying at all.

What I want right now is for the situation to be fixed and that is all. So if in your expert opinion you tell me that I will have to wait 2 more months, I will happily wait 2 more months and I will happily keep doing these gigs since Fiverr has been so kind as to let me have my main account at the very least and has only suspended my support account. The issue though, is the fact that now I am having issues trying to extract money to my bank account, this is clearly a bug. A bug that needs to be reported or rectified for my account. Now how exactly do I report that? How do I get my money? I need help from Fiverr support here, I’ll gladly wait as long as I am asked to wait if this issue is rectified. No issues with patience, no issues with anyone in any way.

I already gave you my suggestions. As I told you, forum moderators aren’t expected to assist anyone via inbox and we are not staff. Inbox has nothing to do with what I’ve said. I can’t help you further but offered you some ideas previously. Good luck.

Appreciate whatever help you gave, I was only responding to your comments. Thanks for wishing me luck!