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Fiverr support helped me get back my lost money

Hey Guys,

This is weformat once again.

A few days back, I had opened a topic sharing my experience on “How a client cheated me and took away funds without letting me know.” Read here

I was really sad and contacted Fiverr support.

Earlier, the response was not great but then I started to fight for my funds and today I got a message that they have compensated me the lost funds.

Thank you so much Fiverr.



Wow! That’s really nice to know. It’s a good thing that CS are beginning to see more reason than one when a chargback occurs.


Congratulations. Thanks for sharing the good news with us.

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Yeah. I was not sure if i will be getting it back but they helped me a lot

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Yes, my friend, it was hard. I had to chase these guys and had to be harsh too.