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Fiverr support ignore me and just close my topic without replying to it

Hi there,

I apologize if I write off topic, I don’t know where else I will turn.

Fiverr support ignore me and just close my topic without replying to it. I provided a lot of evidence, but they didn’t provide anything and just say that I violated the rules of the service and nothing else, although I didn’t violate anything, they did not understand the problem, I don’t know where else I would turn. Sorry if I already created a lot of topics, but no one can help me. I’m not sure that anyone will see this topic because Fiverr support employees immediately close it, especially *******, I want to contact the management to provide evidence and inaction of your employees, can I record a video or talk on ■■■■■, what needs to be done? They simply ignore me and do not solve my problem.

I really hope for your sincere help in my problem, and only an honest look at the situation.

Recently, I started working with a new client. We discussed all the necessary details of the contract signed a contract and I began work. And so came the day when our contract is almost up expired, and I delivered the order on time. The client liked everything and he appreciated that I provided the video quality better than he expected, below I will attach all the necessary screenshots. Whereupon he added a revision that had time too, what I had time to change necessary details and I delivered this revision in time. And a problem began here, as I was surprised as his relation changed to me in one moment. And he began to say that video he needed yet to get before, exactly in that moment when our contract elapsed, but I tried him to explain to that he added to the revision on that time was too needed what to correct…

…And he immediately wanted to refuse to work with me, I tried to explain to him that I had time on the contract and everything is fixed. I also provided numerous screenshots to the Fiverr support and explained the whole situation, but no one began to understand and my contract cancelled and all money returned to the client. In the end, the client received a fully finished video and also got your money back, accordingly I got a negative feedback from the customer which will reduce my reputation, and spent my time.

The only thing I don’t understand is why the truth is on the client side, I have all the necessary screenshots please attach below. I really hope that someone sees my letter and will relate to this problem on both sides. I understand that there is only one client and there are a lot of freelancers, but I also spend my time and I want it to be paid.

The support service didn’t get to the bottom of the matter at all, they didn’t even understand our contract with the client and made mistake conclusions, when I provide evidence they respond to standard messages and do not solve the problem itself (sensations that I talked to the bot), they also can’t provide any evidence that I violated . I understand that the same people will probably reply to my message who most likely closed the contract and answered me throughout the week that I had broken something, but they don’t say specifically what. I attach below our correspondence.

I really hope for someone’s answer, otherwise I won’t prove my case, I am convinced that I am right

Order ID (*******)
******** (Screenshots)⠀

Thanks a lot and Best,
Vlad Baranov

Mod Note: Screenshot removed. Please remove the username before reposting. You are allowed to vent and complain, but you are not allowed to bash Fiverr staff or call names. Your post was very close to that line.


Customer screenshots *********.

Mod Note: Please don’t mention the username of any sellers or buyers that you communicate with on Fiverr. That information is confidential but was included in your screenshot, so the screenshot was removed.

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I do not see any negative feedback on your profile.


Is there something you have not written here ? :thinking:


but I tried him to explain to that he added to the revision on that time was too needed what to correct

There might have been a communication issue and yes the buyer may not have described it properly. But is the revision the one you screenshot-ed, the one that said “…Hope you see my point regarding the app store buttons”? - If so I assume he wanted them more like the attachment he added in his revision request.

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I think the problem is with the “100% satisfaction guarantee” on a couple of gig descriptions, with other gig references to “revisions” in your descriptions - with those in the gig description, what you’ve agreed isn’t overridden by your client agreement. The contract is never “fixed”.

It may be that CS tried to explain this to you.

When you refer to revisions in your gig descriptions, you must clarify how many and what that entails. Better still, don’t mention them. The way you have your descriptions set up leaves you on the hook forever - well after the gig is completed.

Also remove all references to “100% satisfaction guarantee” for the same reasons.


Hi everyone,

For some reason, my screenshot links have disappeared, and you won’t be able to see the essence of the problem. Fiverr hid it

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Thank you for your answers

Moderators hid them and explained why: mentioning usernames is against the rules. If you remove the usernames/blur them so that they can’t be read, you can post the screenshots again.


If your gig says 100% satisfaction guarantee that is reason enough for the problem you had. He said he wasn’t satisfied and therefore got a refund of his money.

Or if you signed a contract then that might also be a reason.

Or if you somehow violated the terms of service, then that could be the reason.


No, you are not right. It is only in the description of the gig written about it. But when we signed the contract, we had other conditions that did not apply to this gig. And the client contacted me not with that gig where writes “100% satisfaction”

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Then that’s the reason. You can’t have a contract with other conditions that don’t apply to the gig. I don’t know why anyone would sign a contract. Don’t do that.

I also want to say that it’s not possible to understand exactly what you are talking about.