Fiverr Support Ignore Me Unbelievable


I had a buyer not read my gig like 100 times before and he left bad feedback and it was promptly removed by customer support. Two weeks later he left feedback again for the SAME order and I contacted support to get it removed once again.

My case had already been made, but support wanted me to jump through hoops this time. They wanted me to contact the buyer and try to resolve this and make sure he understood the gig ect. Are you kidding me? Its all in my gig description. I know this because of his feedback he left, if he would have read the description he’d know. Not to mention I did contact him two weeks prior to try and resolve it then.

Anyway, they said give it 48 hours and contact them and they would go from there. I wrote the guy twice and explained to him to contact me and resolve this, but he never did what a shock.

So, I contact support after 48 hours and my ticket keeps getting turned to “waiting for your response” without a response from Fiverr support, so I open another ticket to see if they’d respond since maybe the other one was messed up some how. No response to that one either, it still says "Awaiting assignment to a support agent"

I am being ignored, or at least I feel like I am. They usually respond within 12 hours and they didnt respond to my last message two days ago either. So, this guy gets to keep his feedback it seems after it was already ruled once that he was wrong for leaving feedback, but now all the sudden it is ok apparently and I dont even deserve a response. What great customer support.

We wont even get into charge backs from PayPal that they never contact you to let you know. You sort of have to figure that out on your own. Way to go Fiverr.


Yeah, they’re probably swamped with the whole pimp my gig shenanigans anyway. Give em a bit!


Reply to @mrspanda:

mrspanda said: Yeah, they're probably swamped with the whole pimp my gig shenanigans anyway. Give em a bit!

What's that about? Haven't heard... is something going on? lol


Yeah they got to me and it is all good now. Fiverrs the best. Hope they forgive me for being impatient.


Reply to @prohelper27: I have no idea… I saw it in an email but just deleted it.