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Fiverr support ignored me for over a month, can't edit gig pricing


Can’t edit gig pricing, I get an error every time.

Cleared cookies, tried on various browsers and devices, same result. I made a Fiverr support ticket and got some responses.

9th April - Ticket opened
11th April - Suggestion by Fiverr to clear cookies, technical ticket made
12th April to 22nd April (10 days) - IGNORED my many messages
23rd April - Fiverr asked me to wait
24th April to 19th May (almost a month) - IGNORED my many messages

What the hell?


Your screen shot of your gig doesn’t show everything, so it’s hard to say what that error means. Perhaps you are trying to raise a price in a category where that can’t be done? I know that some categories won’t allow higher prices at all and some will only allow it with packages.

As far as CS, they may not see anything wrong if it is a gig that can’t have a higher price. While it is unusual for them not to answer at all, you probably would have been better off if you hadn’t written anything that may have been considered rude.