Fiverr support ignoring been 3 days


i had a 3 accounts and kept one,told fiverr support to close others however they closed the all accounts which one of them had 5 active gigs i was working on.
they closed wrong account of mine and left me with a dead active account that cannot go past phone verification due to number being associated with another account what a joke.

i sent support message they are deliberately ignoring my message.


You broke the ToS by having more than one account.

CS have been quite gracious in allowing you to keep one open - they often ban users from having any accounts in situations like this.

I wouldn’t upset them any further if I were you - just be glad you’ve still got an account. :slightly_smiling_face:


what happened if someone open and use two accounts in different different browser at a same time ?


Having more than one account is against the ToS. End of.


Yes… Thanks for letting me know :slightly_smiling_face:


Having two accounts open in a different browser will not hide the fact from Fiverr that you have two accounts because Fiverr looks at the IP address of the accounts. :zipper_mouth_face:

If/when Fiverr discovers you have two accounts one or both could be banned as the OP said Fiverr closed the account he wanted to keep. :scream:

Therefore, if you have two accounts, you should delete the one you do not wish to now before you get caught. :flushed:


I doubt if anyone can solve this problem for you if customer support has decided they are finished with it.


I don’ have any other account… I am using only one account… I know fiverr rules and policy… so don’t worry…


You better because Fiverr is brooming the house and having real fun, even TRS have come down.


That is good. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was not worried, :wink: I merely wanted to offer advice based on the problems I have seen on the Forum, and you did say:

So it seemed like you did not understand all of

Thanks for clarifying your perception. :+1:




You broke the TOR’s. Fiverr will not help you in this regards. Be carefull next time


against the TOR’s. Follow it


what are you talking about it…


bro you cannot opened two accounts in two browers bro. TOR’s made for ouself so we should follow them. 1 person 1 coount only!.


Wow. You deliberately broke the rules of Fiverr, you willingly ignored their Terms of Service, and now you’re complaining because Fiverr took action against you, and is ignoring your pleas for reinstatement?

One word comes to mind: “consequences”. I encourage you to look up the meaning in the dictionary. It might help you be wiser in the future.