Fiverr Support is completely broken now -- Proof


So , I had my wife make a fiverr so she can get something going in her business.

Here is just one reason why everyones sales are dropping right now.
Buyers + Sellers are leaving the platform more and more… I don’t see any other reason to sugarcoat this.

Here is her story…

  1. She creates several gigs
  2. Client orders one of her gigs and requests several things that are NOT included with the gig.
  3. My wife tried to tell him he will need to cancel or pay more
  4. Some time passes and the order goes “late” while she is working this out with the buyer
  5. Buyer cancels the order (leaves the automatic FAILED TO DELIVER ON TIME rating on the gig)
    ----Her first and only review… Effectively ruining everything she worked for for 2 weeks on that account making all ------her gigs.
  6. Buyer contacts her again because he really wants her to do this job…
  7. She tell the buyer to have the rating removed or she isn’t doing shit
  8. Buyer agrees… e-mail fiverr support
  10. Buyer e-mails fiverr again to tell them THEY ARE THE BUYER
  11. Fiverr says pretty much the same thing a 2nd time to the buyer
  13. Fiverr gets back to my wife and says - the review will stay because fiverr values the ability to have buyers leave reviews if they so choose.

Basically , fiverr thought the BUYER trying to have their rating removed from a SELLER’s account was actually the SELLER! TWICE!!! And in the end , the buyer isn’t getting shit because my wife isn’t helping them until the invalid review is removed… The guy didn’t mean to cancel… hes still trying to get her to do this video. Is fiverr support too stupid to understand this?


Fiverr is the dumbest place I’ve ever worked with. And getting dumber every day.

Anyway , I told her to copy + paste her gig’s + reopen her account. Cause thats all you can really do.
How stupid…


I’m a little baffled as to why you didn’t coach your wife on how to avoid an automatic late cancellation on a brand new account, regardless of what CS did. Fiverr reps do make mistakes, but I’m just amazed at your story. I don’t know how it will go for your wife opening yet another account. Good luck.


I think something sad has happened in your wife’s case. But I think she should have already set enough time for the gig; so that nothing wrong happen later on.

Creating everything again and starting from zero is really challenging.

Hope you and your wife get the best from Fiverr!


Hahahahah Believe me!!! I got so mad at her over this.

But Font… in the end… here is the deal…

The buyer was at fault (as with 99% of my experiences on my own account)

The buyer + seller were able to work out the issue … the buyer wants to spend money on
And’s support is too inefficient to keep the buyer or seller happy.

The support team was so inefficient in this case that they completely confused the BUYER
with the SELLER on 2 occasions dealing with the SAME ISSUE.

I can’t possibly figure out what we could do differently in this case…
The buyer just didnt understand the mechanics of the reject button.
She asked him to cancel , the only thing she could have done differently was do EXACTLY WHAT I DO…
Send the cancellation to the order , then IMMEDIATELY send a ticket to support and DEMAND they cancel the order regardless of the buyer’s response.

OR You end up with exactly what happend to my wife.

I should know Fonthaunt… How many posts do you see on this forum where I’ve had this exact same issue in about 50 different flavors by now?

The end result is the same.
Fiverr support really sucks!


It seems like to me, the problem was one of too much time passing before CS even got involved. You said in both posts that she asked him to cancel since he apparently ordered incorrectly.

So, the buyer did cancel, as requested, but the key here is "4.) Some time passes and the order goes “late” and that ended up in a mess. I have seen you post often with issues. My experiences with CS have included some where the rep made mistakes, but overall support hasn’t “sucked” and I see others posting with positive resolutions. A new account is definitely fragile. It’s hard for me to lay blame on just CS or even just the buyer based on your story. Anyway, just take care with your posts. It’s fine to rant and complain, but direct staff-bashing is against the Fiverr forum rules, so watch how you word things. Perhaps others will have some other input for you on better end results.


Its upsetting cause I really had plans to help the community in so many ways but I’m just doing a 180 on that and focusing on my own business. I had plans to make all kinds of videos to help people with gigs and summarizing all the tips on this forum from past posts + add my experiences + tips + insignt … etc… putting everything into video form …

Like … I’m not even gonna think about that anymore. I have scripts already written and the first video recorded … weeks ago… I was excited to really dig into everything here… but then I just started getting crapped on… And after sooo much BULL … I’ve realized… This place isn’t worth helping due to the sheer fact that , it cannot BE helped…
And that’s really a shame…

I’m the kind of person that really likes to help out … I give so much of myself away for free… And this place will suck you dry… and make you never want to go the extra mile … for anyone… It really kills everything good you have inside of you… just sucks the life out of you if you let it. I’m only speaking for the people who take this platform super seriously and try to maintain “perfectionist” status and offer top notch quality stuff. I mean , I wont sugarcoat this , I make 3x more elsewhere on the smallest thing I offer here. But I really like what this platform did for me early on and I wanted to be an advocate for it in so many ways. Bring real value to this community…
Not like those derps who copy + paste some tips back from 2011 to gain likes + attention… The stuff fiverr will sticky to the top of the forum etc…

If there is no backbone in the administration department here…
Who in their right mind would sit here and try to hold this place up?
I’m being serious… who would want to help someone/something that doesn’t want to help themselves after so long of trying?
This place just pisses me off these days. Its breaking down at the core it seems.
But this last issue… boy it’s really a joke… I can understand why sellers that have legit things to offer will just laugh this place off… AND THE BUYER TOO!!! This guy wants to spend money on the site and because of the site’s own issues he just pissed off his seller and we basically wont be helping him now at all. So … yea how many times will he put up with that? Probably not a hell of a lot… Of course his own stupidity is his own problem…

But I know stupid buyers inhabit this place in droves… and the buyers are the only reason fiverr is here… they bring the $$… So who do you really want to piss off? My guess is nobody… But it’s clear they dont care about the seller here… That is VERY clear.


My internet just re-connected if I said anything you deem “bashing” feel free to remove it. I’m getting back to work.
This is just me calling it how I see it. If they cant handle something properly , I’m ranting about it.


I had the same situation. Buyer wanted to remove their review so they emailed Fiverr, they said no.
I did the same, Fiverr said no to me.

Not much we can do honestly. Kinda stinks but you have to cut some losses.


I mean … its literally proof that if the buyer / seller can work out their problems…
Send the proper support tickets…
And still support won’t help remedy the situation…

Something is wrong here.
Something is very very wrong here.

The message they sent to our buyer was … "If the BUYER wants to contact us … they can have it removed"
He kept telling fiverr HE WAS THE BUYER!!!

Obviously we’ve attempted to tell fiverr of their mistake… from both ends even…
So … what do you call that kind of inefficiency? Is there a nice word I can use?
Ignorant? Can I say they are very ignorant? That’s a nice word…

There is an inefficiency that needs to be resolved… money is being transferred here.

I have different word’s I’d like to use to describe them … but I’m sure the site’s auto-filter alone would take care of that kind of verbiage…


I understand your pain. My negative review should of been removed a while ago. But if we push the buyer to message Fiverr it is considered solitication.


@videostore Yes, Fiverr Customer Service has reach a level of ineptness and bullying that has me wondering if there is a secret reason for it or some hidden TOS that we’re being bound by but haven’t given informed (or even reluctant) consent to.

Their reading comprehension issues may be a function of the large number of requests they get. However, it seems to me we all need to be using the CS feedback “email” they send usually days after their offensive handling (or occasionally smooth handling) of the matter.

It needs to be 0-stars every time, with a comment to say. Don’t ask for reviews as if you care when your intermittent actions show us otherwise.

This strikes me as victim blaming. Do you see how that comes across that way?

Further, the point is there shouldn’t be these hidden systems. Especially in the feedback that “put fake words” into the mouths of buyers/sellers. It’s misleading, disingenuous, and is a prima facia violation of the own TOS (about fake feedback).

Lest my post seem only to be against you. I do appreciate that you acknowledge that CS makes mistakes. I appreciate even the wisdom of your post about how we as buyers and sellers need to take prophylactic defense against CS, Fiverr TOS and other such impositions on our transactions on a foreign platform.

@psychicbunny That’s what I’m starting to wonder. I’m wondering if there’s enough people who KNOW this kind of abuse is happening. This kind of interference is harming everyone involved (oddly enough, including Fiverr) that we can seek some relief.

I’m definitely perusing the research of it.


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