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Fiverr support is ignoring me, deleting my replies, and ending unsolved issues without ever replying

Is there anything I can do against this?

Fiverr is not ignoring you. They are busy; they have thousands of CS requests to respond to. Please be patient. They will answer your questions as soon as they are able.

It has been a full month since I have had a responds. Instead of responding they are deleting my replies, ending open tickets that are not solved and are generally not helpful at all.

I am a level 2 seller which should give me “Priority Support”. I understand they may be busy, but taking months to reply is far from acceptable.

Edit: Fixed an error

Reply to @kjblynx: Sorry, I meant to say “Deleting replies”.

The ticket has gone through multiple support staff members already, the first one only gave me some automatic macros which were irrelevant to my ticket.

If they’re deleting your replies, I’d screenshot the replies (before they delete them) and attach them and ask them directly why they’re deleting them? The point of customer support is for them to assist you, deleting your replies aren’t helpful or professional at all.

With that said, it’s best to be polite to them. No one likes assisting someone who may be mean, rude, etc.

Ik heb meestal binnen 3 dagen contact met ze… Heeft het niet iets met je vraag aan hen te maken?

Hello, i have write 3 messages to the support and get no answer. I`m sure fiverr is in the Moment busy. In last month i think fiverr was Vers friendly and respond fast.

Why don’t you ask your questions right here on the forum? Maybe we got the answer…

Reply to @thepromogirl: I feel like I have been friendly enough. I am a little bit frustrated with the way I am being treated, but I try to stay friendly.

Reply to @vrolijk: It’s not really a question as it is a mistake by Fiverr. A quick summary;

I created a website design for a buyer, however the buyer did not understand how to view the image. After a while he finally figured it out, but still did not understand how to view it in full 100% (He was viewing a zoomed out image, as he showed in several screenshots). From this he wanted a good amount of revisions, still not realizing he was viewing it zoomed out (I told him several times).

All in all this order took roughly 20 days, 15 of which were me trying to explain to him that he was viewing the image zoomed out. In the end he seemed to understand and accepted my design and was happy with it. However, this was followed by him spamming me furiously with “Please cancel this order” several times a day, ongoing for about 2 weeks. I asked him several times, only to be answer with “Cancel please” every single time.

In other words, it seems he was trying to get his money back ($25), after he got his design.

After these 2 weeks of spamming he contacted Fiverr support and they canceled order for him, on the ground of it being “delivered late”.

I had a little chat with Fiverr support, asking them why, at this point they were still answering. I replied with evidence and arguments as to why this order was wrongly canceled. This reply was deleted by the Fiverr support after a single day, a week later it was back up again, but they have not answered since (This is close to 2 months ago).

snowdesign said: I am a little bit frustrated with the way I am being treated, but I try to stay friendly.

I would say exactly that to them! I'm not saying you're not being friendly, it was just a friendly reminder. Good luck! :)

Patience…6 Days, Seems average actually, Mine use to be that, about 6 days. Actually its about 24 hours or less for me now, on average.

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Reply to @snowdesign: I have one question just to understand the best way to offer advice. I understand that your buyer seemed confused and that resulted in ongoing conversations. In that process, did the timer on the gig actually run out? The reason I ask is that once it goes past about 24 hours beyond the stopped clock, the buyer is going to have a lot of leverage to cancel and that can be extremely frustrating. I totally understand that.

If that did happen, though, you may actually end up with less total aggravation if you just let it go and eat this one, as hard as that is to do. I don’t have the whole picture, of course, and it is your right to dispute the cancellation, but when the buyer calls “late” and the timer did run out without an agreement in writing, it is going to be tough to fight and you could probably earn that back with other gigs in the time you might otherwise spend on tickets. :-/

Reply to @jonbaas: sometimes cs do ignore and thats fact no1 can deny and they even ignore trs too and close unanswered tickets

Reply to @germanblogger: i got back reply with 8 hours yesterday it more depends on your ticket details and yes fiverr is friendly but porfessional too

close all your tickets for same issue and leave only 1 opened

goto ■■■■■■■■■■■■/fiverr

paste your ticket number in comment to any post and explain them your issue and they will help you get your issue solved quickest and this is best solution to your issue

please make your you do not have mulitple tickets open and you ticcket but have logical issue with facts sending few screenshots will will help you and mentioning closed ticket numbers aswell

Reply to @michelltech: 6 days? I have been waiting for close to 2 months now.

Reply to @snowdesign: OUCH!