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Fiverr Support Is Incredible!

I have seen few people saying that Fiverr Support is not good. However, through my experiences, I immensely respect Fiverr for such an incredible support. Support Team is exceptionally prompt in resolving the issues. Great respect!

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I hear that all the time too, but I personally haven’t had a problem with them either. I’m just hoping it wasn’t a fluke, and they’ll still be helpful when I run across another big issue. :))

I think the biggest thing people need to consider (but don’t) if Customer Support is run the human begins. Be nice, polite, and talk to them like they’re actually real people (because they are) and it will get you a long way. Both in resolving your issue and the level of care received back. It’s a tough job!

@thepromogirl: I second that.

Also, I’ve noticed that many of the people who complain about how Customer Support is “unhelpful” are asking them senseless questions, such as "how do I get buyers?"

They could find answers if they just looked around the forum a little more. [=

I agree! I’ve always been helped quickly (i.e., within a day or two), when I needed it. I appreciate the Fiverr Support team!

Yep, couldn’t agree more. Friendly and helpful. I was amazed how quick I got a response.

I got nothing but great experiences with Fiverr Support, they always respond in a timely manner and always very friendly 5 STARS :wink:

I have also had good luck with support. I try to be uber-polite and professional and it seems to go over well.

when you create CS ticket submit it to CS twitter page

They’ve always been helpful for me. Having said that, there has been a definite huge improvement in their responses since I started here six months ago. Maybe a change in leadership or a bigger team? Either way, keep it up!

It’s great to know that CS is so awesome here on Fiverr. I’ve always believed that you should treat people the way you want to be treated. We are all human beings here, and regardless of what business we are doing, treating every person with the same kind of respect and care the way you want to be treated by others will always come back and benefit you in the long run.

It’s exciting to hear this indeed!



it’s great and awesome service… customer support is fast and more helpfull for us… it is not bad… fiver and cs are very very great and helpful for us… i respect them always…

i love them… what do you think about that…?



Yes you are right. some time late responded, but they are Awesome :smiley:

OH MAN!!! They might as well just replace The Avengers with the Fiverr Customer Support Team! Our first ticket with them was because of a buyer that was asking for something that violated the Fiverr TOS. When we told them that we could not fulfill what they were requesting, they cancelled the order and left negative feedback.

WE WERE MORTIFIED!!! This was our first negative review after hundreds of completed orders and a greatly treasured 100% positive rating! We didn’t know what to do at first and we were pacing in the living room just trying to figure something out. We truly felt that this was a wrongful negative feedback if there ever was one!

So, we eventually decided to contact Fiverr Customer Support for advice on what could be done. We explained everything to Julia at Fiverr CS and after a quick evaluation of the situation, she removed the negative feedback for us. I think I called her an Angel! This all happened in the course of less than 24 hours. After calming down, we could not believe the gamut of emotions we had been through in such a short period!

My girlfriend/Fiverr partner and I are immensely grateful to the team of Fiverr Customer Support for their kindness and care.

-Tim @ Easy Media

I agree, they are a professional bunch - cooperative, easy to talk to, quick and efficient.

I must disagree. I have encountered numerous scammers who promise “real traffic” sent to your site but only provide bot traffic. support hasnt done anything.

For me, it depends on who gets assigned my ticket :slight_smile: I’ve had some really first class support, and really poor support.