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Fiverr support is most bogus

I have provided a working code for an order. The buyer wanted additional features, which was not part of the agreement and She was constantly sending revision request, I opened a dispute with fiverr, but their support team is made of robots, without actually looking at the agreement terms or anything they cancelled the Gig and now I can see the buyer is still using my developed code on its website.

How to help ourselves from these kinds of pathetic practices of fiverr?

These things happen sometimes.

If your buyer wants additional features which aren’t included as part of the standard gig, or additional revisions, then you’re quite within your rights to ask for further payment. If the buyer doesn’t want to spend more, then cancel the order before it goes too far.

I’ve found that if you treat Fiverr CS in a professional way, they are in fact most righteous.

Good luck! :sunny:

Cancelling after he delivered the job is professional?!

No - I meant for future orders if it’s clear there may be a problem - cancelling before delivery may be an option.

What would you suggest?

I’ll just keep the order open. I won’t get the money but the client won’t get it back neither.


I feel bad to read this, it has been happening a lot, why do people feel at ease stealing people’s work.