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Fiverr Support Is Not Being Helpful Anyone Else? What to do?

I have a whole list of problems that have been happening while I have been trying to post my gig. I have emailed several times, and get an email with suggestions on how I can fix them, but then the support person just closes my ticket without giving me time to tell them I have done everything they suggest.

The last time I emailed them, they gave me a bunch of suggestions, which I tried and told them so. They asked me to send them some screen shots, which I did. Then they asked me to send them the photos I want to add to my gig, which I did.

The next day, I got an email that said they had added my photos, my gig is live and the ticket was closed. I made it very clear I was not ready to have my gig live and that I needed help with several problems, some that had nothing to do with my photos.

What can I do? Has anyone else had this problem with support giving answers that are not helpful at all and then immediately closing the ticket? I have had two orders so far because they keep doing things like this. I am getting sick of it. I like the people on here and I like the idea, but I feel very much like support is rude and not very helpful. Am I the only one with rude support closing my ticket before giving me a chance to respond to them?

Customer Support is always Very Helpful. I got help from them Every time when i contacted. but I don’t know why its happening with you. :frowning:

That hasn’t been my experience, I always ask specific questions and get specific answers. Obviously, if they fixed your problem it makes sense for them to close the ticket.

I’ve never had a personal problem with Customer Support. I have read other complaints about tickets being closed, but so far it’s always been one of two categories.

One type of closure is when someone sends tickets that are very complex and tries to resolve multiple questions with a ticket or two. I’ve had the same kind of problem with submitting tickets to non-Fiverr technical companies. I sent them a ticket with a lot of details and they only address the first or the last ones. Should they do better? Sure. You can help resolve this kind of thing, though. If you send a ticket to anyone, including Fiverr, send in one major problem at a time, get that resolved, and then move forward. It can be frustrating when it takes a while, but not as bad as not getting the job fully done in the long run.

The other type of ticket closure I see on Fiverr is due to multiple tickets without waiting on responses to the first ones, or angrily worded tickets.

There isn’t a way to get things resolved on Fiverr without Customer Support. My best advice is to give it some time before you contact them again. Pick out one major issue you need to resolve and send a ticket asking for help. Do that in steps until you have things fixed. Most gig issues can be resolved pretty easily if you are patient. Best of luck.

Can you tell us what kind of problems you are having and trying to fix?

If you aren’t ready to have your gig live you can pause it.
With a closed ticket you can still add a comment and they will probably respond to it. They may think the problem is solved.

I’ve never had any problems with making a gig so if you want to you can tell us your problems here and we may be able to help.