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Fiverr support is not responding

Lets start from the beginning i applied for the fiverr revenue card but i never received it so it means i never activated my card. Some how by mistake my revenue was transferred to my fiverr revenue card, the money is still showing in payoneer i have applied for new fiverr card it will be deliver in April

when my revenue was transferred to my fiverr card i contact the support and ask them to fix it because i don’t have the fiverr card to withdraw this money. It’'s the biggest mistake i ask fiverr to solve my problem because they never did, they ask me for account authentication with passport or Paypal first transaction id. I provide them everything they ask for but they have disabled my Paypal & fiverr revenue card. Now the support is not responding from last few days and i can’t make any withdraw.
I think the fiverr support is quite very bad they don’t even listen to me.

Give me some suggestion how can i fix it.

So if you will receive a new revenue card in April, will it be ok to use that one when you get it?

i have applied for new fiverr card it will be deliver in April.

but they have disabled my Paypal & fiverr revenue card.

Is the new card you will get in April disabled?

It’s hard to understand what you’re saying and Fiverr probably had the same problem. If your funds were transferred to a revenue card account (associated with a Fiverr branded Payoneer card you don’t have yet) you can’t move those funds back to Fiverr.

Do you have funds in a PayPal account, a Payoneer account, or in Fiverr revenues? To help you that information is important.

Also, if Fiverr asked you for identity proof, there is a waiting period between 30-90 days before you can withdraw from Fiverr. How many days did they tell you?

Finally, Fiverr does not own PayPal or Payoneer. If you have a problem with cards issued by those companies, Fiverr didn’t disable it. You have to work with PayPal or Payoneer support if you have a problem with their cards or accounts.

As Fonthaunt says, your problem here isn’t with Fiverr, it’s with Payoneer. Recently having got a Fiverr revenue card myself, I think that a lot of people’s problems are arising out of the fact that the cards themselves get dispatched from New York and take a long time to arrive. In the interim, I think some people assume cards simply aren’t coming and cancel them before they arrive.

In your case though, since you state that your funds show as available with Payoneer online, why not simply withdraw them from Payoneer to your bank account?

I have provide identity proof but fiverr didn’t respond me to wait any period between 30-90 days.

I know fiverr doesn’t own paypal or payoneer.

Right now i want to withdraw through paypal, but in revenue option paypal and fiverr card both are disabled, please let me know how can i enabled them?

You can’t if Fiverr disabled them. Apparently they aren’t satisfied with your proof or something else is wrong with your account. If you have revenues on Fiverr you will have to carefully read what they told you. If they specified a waiting period, wait.

If you have done all that, ask them again but write clearly and send exactly what they ask for. You can post a screenshot of their reply to you here for help understanding, but the forum help other than that.

I don’t know what a fiverr card is but will you be able to use it when it arrives?
i have applied for new fiverr card it will be deliver in April.

Payoneer Customer support is no more responding. My money was stuck in the account for 20 days. They even didn’t respond to my first message. I made a call they fixed the issue after one week. They have turned off their live chat. I hate them.


Complaining about a 3rd party website here on the Fiverr forums won’t get you anywhere. This appears to be an issue between you and Payoneer, not Fiverr.