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Fiverr support is not useful

PSA!!! Fiverr support will never take your problem seriously. please don’t waste your valuable time in massaging them.


I find that Fiverr support responds to messages better than massages.


A nice massage to melt away the tension and stress built up over a day sounds delightful, but quite impossible to perform through a digital medium. :raised_hands:

Also, not everyone is receptive to massages from complete strangers.

Joking aside, what exactly was the nature of your support request that was seemingly dismissed?


Not always! But they take too much time to reply for urgent matters.

No, it’s not true… The FS always try to hlep us to get quick support, brother, You need to clear. Where you need to knock and how you want to the hlep

Totally wrong. Fiverr support team always try to better.

There’s a lot of information they arne’t allowed to share and tasks that they quite literally arne’t allowed to peform on their end. So they are often quite limited in what they can do.

They must get like 1000 messages a day about the same things that require the same answers so I imagine it gets tiring.

And it really depends on what rep you get. Some will not be as helpful as other.

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