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Fiverr Support Is Taking Too Long To Respond

I have worked on fiverr for 5 months now and had 16 sales and made over 400$ , i do video testimonials. Recently fiverr changed its policy and sent me an email that my gig for testimonials. requires modification and needs to be moved to a new category called spokesperson videos , i did exactly that.and after a few hours my gig was denied and there was no option to edit it or do anything with it the only option was to delete it which i was not gona do as i worked very hard for those 5 star reviews, i did not got any warning in the first email about my gig being denied or disabled and that was very bad.
then i contacted fiverr support and told them all what had happened in the mean time i was looking on fiverr and found countless gigs which offers testimonials and i was shocked that fiverr was only targeting me for this , then when i told every thing to them they said that sorry we can not let you make any changes to that gig, you are gona have to make a new one , then i made a new gig with the exact same title , video and description and everything and it was approved then i contacted them again and said why is the same gig approved now but my old gig with all perfect rating denied and they did not responded to that and what they did next is shady as all hell … they went and denied the new gig and said "- We saw that you put your Gig in the spokesperson category, but you still called it a video testimonial gig and were offering those services, so it was denied.

  • When this change happened, we sent you an email. At that time your Gig was not denied and we allowed you to make the appropriate changes. Those changes were not done. So your Gig was denied. You then created a new testimonial Gig and that one has now been denied as well. You have already been informed and we allowed two chances after that. As mentioned before, those Gigs have been permanently disabled and will not be restored. any further requests to have them restored will be met with the same answer. Spamming us to restore those Gigs may result in a warning being placed on your account.

  • Providing any sort of video product/service review is a testimonial. Doing so again may result in the following;

    • A warning issued to your account.
    • Your gig being denied.
    • Your account being permanently disabled.
  • This process is done on a Gig by Gig basis and is not an automatic process. You will see all those other testimonial Gigs also removed in due time. Fiverr’s rulings and guidelines apply to all users on the platform.
    which was very rude and threatening to me.

after that i said ok lets work this out , you should go and move that gig to requires modification and i will make the exact changes to it that you want and then i will first show you what i have changed and then you can approve it your self in the chat and then i will post it , and they did not reply to that either and just said that " Hi Farhan,

Thank you for your message. Spamming us to restore the Gigs may result in a warning being placed on your account.

Kind regards."

How am i spamming them. also this is a very short version of the chat. so basically what happend is that they suddenly changed some policy and then said me to make the changes and not tell me that if i made any mistake in that my gig will be disabled permanently and then when i showed them that this is only happening to me and not anyone else they start threatening me, now can anyone from fiverr team or anybody in power here help me as this is unfair and unjust of them.

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There is no one from Fiverr team or in power here. We are just buyers and sellers.



Do you think that i am wrong or the fiverr team

It really is between you and them.

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CS basically told you where they stand on the matter. Pressing them on the issue will cause mo’ problems, your choice. :whale:


yeah but i am trying to do what they want , then why are other peoples testimonial gig are still up , i dont much care . but i just want them to let me change the gig title description and everything to reflect that its a spokesperson and video message gig not a testimonial gig, but they are not responding.

Fiverr made it abundantly clear that those gigs are gone – done, they will NOT be restored. Yet you still kept sending them messages (yes, “spamming them”), trying to negotiate what they said they would not do.

You have received your final answer from Fiverr. They have stated that they have no reason to respond to your messages any further. Those disabled gigs will not be restored. Perhaps now is a good time to find a different service to offer on Fiverr.

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i literately made me want to cry… how cruel is the world … they dont even read the messages i sent they just send me a copy pasted message and i am siting writing them for hours on end, also you said time to find a different service to offer on Fiverr. by this you mean stop doing videos or stop testimonials , because i hate testimonials .of all the gigs i did not even one was a testimonial. all of them were some silly message i had to say in a camera as a joke for someone , that is it . how is it illegal or anything. i understand that getting paid testimonials is wrong and damages other peoples business , but now can i make a new gig with this detials

Gig Title : do a double twin funny spokesperson video or message
SEO Title : double twin funny spokesperson video or message
Category : Spokesperson Videos
Description :
Double twin funny spokesperson video or message Description :
A Basic $5 Gig includes:
Your 75 word script
White background
Casual clothing
A Stranded $25 Gig includes:
Your 75 word script
White background
Casual clothing
1080p video
Overlay Text And Logo
Background Music
A Premium $50 Gig includes:
Your 125 word script /Can Be Written By Me.
Custom Background Music
Custom Background Scene
Custom Outfit
1080p video
Overlay Text And Logo
Just Message Me And We Will Get Started.
Requirements : Please Message Me If You Have A Unusual Idea Or You Want Talk About The Video Before Placing An Odder.

also in the gig video i say video message not testimonial.

i have contacted support about this in a ticket but they have not responded.

All that you could get in this thread is guesses since no one on the forum is staff or from Customer Support. No one here can help you figure out how to get that gig approved.

Technically speaking, Fiverr still allows some kinds of video gigs and obviously some of those are in the spokesperson category. When Fiverr goes through a transition like this and decides to make big changes, it is very, very difficult to work in related categories. That is why people have suggested that you might want to try a different kind of service. If you choose not to take that advice it is up to you and it’s fine, but no one here can tell you why other people’s gigs are up or down. No one here can tell you how to perfectly set up a gig in that category.

If I were going to even make a wild stab at a suggestion for you, it would be to do some sort of prank video gig in the Fun & Lifestlye category and avoid the spokeperson category while the dust settles. However, if you still include the wording about being a spokesperson it might get you denied and your account could be banned. You’d have to do something just funny to make it work and it still might not. Good luck.

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