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Fiverr Support isn't helping

I created a ticket two days ago in fiverr support and tell them to cancel order because seller isn’t doing my work and asking for more money and not even cancelling work. But fiverr closed ticket without solving, I need my money back, Seller is threatening that he report me into fiverr for calling fraud and scam. he didn’t do any work, he delivered empty text file with this line

“I can send you payment but please don’t cancel project it will affects my account badly . I give your project to my team mate and he said its theme is 80$ worth and whole project costs 150$ . I don’t have money thats wht i took project from you .Kindly accepy my order .I’ m going to give you your money back”


He has breached at least three ToS: empty delivery, blackmail and asking to deliver the work a different way. Each one of those things could get him suspended or banned and most certainly would at least give him a warning.

Contact CS again. Be succinct and explain things as they breach the ToS. Your explanation is far too long and Fiverr doesn’t have time for that.


you are wrong. Fiverr support is very helpful.

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Did you even bother to read the post?

Fiverr support is usually helpful, but in this case the ticket was closed without the issue being resolved. How can you call someone wrong about a situation specific to them?

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If you read the op’s post - thats not his experience.


I explained them everything

I know. I wasn’t responding to you, I was responding to sis_graphics’ comment.