Fiverr support just Buyers?


Hy every one…!!!
I have noticed that fiverr support buyers more than sellers. If a buyer wanted to cancel order, he/she can without any reason. There should be equal rights to every one. If we work 3-5 days continiuosly and after a month buyer buyer can cancel order by generating dispute. that’s not fair…!!! what your experience say…!!!:relaxed:


My experience is that customer support is fair. I never have disputes though with buyers.


Agree with @misscrystal - any time I’ve had to ask CS for help, they’ve always been very supportive. :slight_smile:


I also want to add that they don’t automatically cancel a sale if a buyer asks. They look at the reason and also the seller’s reputation and make an informed decision, which often is in the seller’s favor. Usually if a buyer contacts customer support with a problem and asks for a cancellation there is a good reason.


Are they able to cancel orders after a month? After leaving a 5 star review?


May be, but one of my buyer canceled order without accepting order after a month or more


Really? I have no experience like that.


But one of my buyer cancelled order after one month or more. and fiverr support just informed me. order cancelled and payment is refund to buyer


Be aware of this. fiverr support just informed me that buyer has cancelled order and payment refund to buyer…!!!


But, one of my client cancelled order after a month and fiverr support just informed me that payment is refund to buyer.


So you keep saying - this sounds like a PayPal charge back, technically, nothing to do with Fiverr CS.

If you speak to CS nicely, they may be able to help you, but moaning on here that CS don’t support sellers, when it’s actually nothing to do with them may not put you in their good books.


This might be a Paypal chargeback as offlinehelpers said. It’s not fiverr’s fault.

You can ask customer support why it happened.


I asked but they said, buyer has cancelled order.


Did customer support cancel it or did Paypal cancel it?

Did the message about it say something like “stop all work”?

I think that Paypal cancelled it which has nothing to do with customer support cancelling it.


i also had a experience buyer got work from me and after a month he came that he didnt like…it was so funny… and then he wnat to cancel it. he contact CS and they ask me. i told the reason that he come after 1 month now he is saying that he didnt like.
CS told me you should resolve with the buyer but he wassnt listning to anythng at last CS told me may be u r right but buyers are priority and the order was cancelled… :frowning:


Yeah, offcourse fiverr give high priority to buyers than sellers. If our work is 100% complete and perfect, they also will try to support buyers


true as i face 2 or 3 time situation but buyers win.


i dont think its problem from fiverr, some buyers taking PayPal refund after month so after that automatically money will go from our account , it didnt happened with me as i feel this is the problem


To handle this type of situation, fiverr should apply a criteria, otherwise every can take paypal refund.


Just Remember Buyer is the KING :wink: