Fiverr support just cancelled an order that has been completed 34 days ago


there have been this demanding buyer that I have delivered them what they wanted and more.

and order has been completed 34 days ago.

now they ask for more, and i told them it is enough.

they threatened to contact customer support.

and in 20 mins i see the orders have been cancelled and my balance turned out in negative !!!


Is how fiverr treats the hard working sellers ???

Is this how my 40+ working hours been repaid ???

I dont even know what this buyer told them???

maybe he even removed the work and told them i did nothing !!!


Could the buyer have performed a PayPal chargeback?

It may be nothing to do with Fiverr - have a search on the forum for chargeback and ask CS what’s happened.

Then they may be able to answer some of your questions. :sunny:


First thing whenever someone threatens you should be to contact customer support yourself, with proof that the agreed on work has been delivered in this case, and screenshots of the threat.

Like offlinehelpers said, search the forum for topics like yours and take the tips and experiences from those on board, it might help. Be as calm, as factual, and make it as easy to follow your words, as possible - if you get a template response at first, reply to that, try to boil it down to the very essential, make use of the info you can find on the forum regarding this issue.


I already did.

but in 20 mins from his threaten, they cancelled the orders based on his request .

and they replied to me in 40 mins, saying that I didn’t meet the buyers requirements and they couldn’t see a proof of work.

I am sure this is a joke. and a bad one


and an important additional.

In my conversation with this buyer,
he was DELIGHTED with what I did him.

he was happy with what I delivered him.

but he kept asking for more.

and now support couldn’t even read the conversation back to find the “proof” of the buyer’s consent of my work.

…I have nothing else to say …


See, most of the people who read and reply here, are sellers ourselves and surely can sympathize. Hence, so many threads about, and tips on how to deal with this very same issue exist.

You don´t want to spend the time reading and to show them proof of delivery and a screenshot of the threat and the conversation proving that he said he was delighted with your work when it was a 40+ hour job? Well, that´s okay, your call.


Yeah, this happened to me as well on my 3rd order when i joined the fiverr. The buyer was satisfied and order was completed with a positive review. After one week of completion buyer chargeback and fiverr emailed me saying the order have been canceled and if you dont get anything fiverr also don’t get either money. Fiverr is not concerned about your man hours you invested in developing any project and delivering and they dont have any kind of policy for chargeback outside fiverr.


I don’t know why,but in my experience fiverr have the worst seller support , I personally think that way.
I have contacted the customer support about something and two people said two exactly different things so i was confused and just stop talking with them.
I do belive they are working a lot and do the best they can but i really find them unprofessional, I have worked before on upwork and they deal with situations like this much different.