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Fiverr Support let buyer cancel completed order! Help!

Hi everyone! I read here a lot but never posted before.

Recently I had an experience with a difficult buyer - they ordered an expensive custom gig. They didn’t order any revisions, but when they didn’t like their first delivery I had no problem delivering again for free. They started to make subjective criticisms about the delivery, and more than one person was accessing the account (buyer side) so conflicting messages. When i told them no more free revisions they threatened to cancel. I revised for them once more and they were finally happy with the result. They left a 4 star review, but comments saying they were happy. A few days later they came back to complain about the files I sent being too large could I please compress them. I compressed them and sent them through wetransfer. Today, 15 days after receiving feedback Fiverr cancelled the order and refunded the buyer. They are saying it’s because i didn’t respond to their last message - but actually I responded by sending the buyer their compressed files and received a confirmation from wetransfer that they downloaded the files, but no additional messages. Support is not listening and can’t give any valid reason for the cancellation - they keep contradicting the TOS and cancellation policy when I point it out. :frowning:

That’s a very bad experience happened to you… Sorry to hear that :expressionless:

Did you contacted Customer Support? What did they said?


I did contact them and sent screenshots of the buyer accepting the files (with datestamp) and the positive feedback. Support said the following:

“Thank you for contacting us about this.

I understand your frustration, but please keep in mind that we are here for both buyers and sellers, and we want every order on Fiverr to be successful. If you don’t make money, Fiverr doesn’t make money. We take your revenues very seriously, and require buyers to provide us with a satisfactory explanation and proof before canceling an order. The order was reviewed and cancelled, and cannot be restored.

Please note that even after the order gets marked as Completed, you are obliged to assist the buyer if they have any issues with the order. You sent a last message to the buyer on 01/30. After that, the buyer contacted you 3 times and you never responded. This order should have been Completed on 01/25. We cancelled this order, due to your unresponsiveness. For more information, please check our Order Cancellation Policy. After you check the buyers messages, please contact them and try to resolve this issue with them. If they wish to continue working with you, please ask them to place a new order in the same amount.

To avoid this happening again in the future, please do not let your buyers wait for your response for more than 10 days.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.”

The buyer kept asking me to do more work for them for free. Frankly after the 4-Star rating and them trying to get free revisions I didn’t want to do more work for them. I still compressed their files and sent them through wetransfer with an email message, so what the CSR is saying is wrong. I responded to their messages through wetransfer. I resent my screenshots to CS and they said tough luck for me, the buyer gets my work for free.


I also pointed out that it says in the TOS that orders can’t be cancelled after 14 days and the CSR is saying they can cancel them whenever they want. So FYI the TOS apparently doesn’t matter. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I know how you are feeling right Now :no_mouth:. But one thing I noticed that you made blunder by sending message on wetransfer. You should do all conversations on Fiverr.

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Like hell. If they didn’t have any issues in 72 hours, it’s finito.

You are not supposed to send any messages through anything except fiverr messaging. Keep all communication on fiverr.

Yes definitely! I had no idea that not answering a message was a reason to cancel a completed order. I also thought they’re happy with the order based on the comments. Big mistake. I think they really just changed their minds and decided they wanted their money back.

Did your funds were cleared? After 14 days when funds are cleared than can’t be cancel I think :thinking:

I think so too! Am I supposed to wait around to help buyers with completed and accepted orders? It’s a crazy response. Fiverr could solve this completely by reaching out to sellers when they want to do a delayed cancellation. Then I would have just sent the screenshots of the completed order and feedback.

Buyers should always get a response from you no matter how long ago the order was. It’s called good customer service and is absolutely mandatory. I respond to buyers who placed orders years ago.

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Yes they did clear. They took the refund from my cleared funds balance also. They did not put a reason for cancellation.

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Yes absolutely! Always.

Response, yes. Extra assistance with their order? Not so much. Otherwise, what’s the point of “completing” an order at all? Why the 72-hour window for revisions?


Thanks. I did actually respond to them - I provided them with the compressed files they requested. I just didn’t want to continue conversing with these buyers because they were rude.

:scream: It’s Horrible…
Be aware for the next time. Just count it as your experince and be careful for next time. This the only thing you can do right now.

Best of Luck! :+1::+1::sunglasses:

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Either way rude or not it’s still part of the job of sellers to always respond to buyers. I guess you know this now.

Exactly - response is reasonable, but constantly adjusting orders into perpetuity is bad business. Part of effective customer service is also managing customer expectations. The customer is always right is just an idiom.

My experience with Fiverr customer service has always been that they have guidelines on the site - like the 72 hour revision thing, but in practise they just do whatever they want and always go with the buyer.

You have to handle them. You have to chat with them as much as it takes in a very professional polite way until they feel they have had their issues listened to at least. You can’t decide you’ve answered them enough and it’s over and done so you will ignore them.

I think you’re missing the point - they left a feedback saying they were happy. In fact the feedback was like “she was very helpful regarding requested revisions great value”
They just decided today they weren’t happy again for some reason unbeknownst to me. :sweat_smile: