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Fiverr Support not replying even after 1 week of creating ticket?


I had close to $1000 in my fiverr balance and on 19 April suddenly I was logged out of my account and it was disabled. From then on I’m trying to contact support but there’s no response? I even tried twitter @fiverrsupport but even there they dont reply?? Is it just me? Why this unfair treatment to me even though I was a LEVEL 2 seller???

Please help!

Please stop. Just stop. You’ve posted this at least 3 times.

Reply to @cheezees: Ok. Can I expect somebody to atleast add a genuine reply to one of the topics created about my problem here?

Since your account has been disabled, it is for Fiverr to decide whether you can access your funds or not.

You must have broken the TOS at some point or other.

Reply to @themewala1: We are all users here just like you. Any issues are handled only by customer support. No one here can answer your questions.

I don’t know which rule I’ve broken…at i have the right to know? They are not even responding to that?!

Reply to @cheezees: any other way to reach out to support? Tried Facebook, twitter…no reply! More over they blocked me on twitter!

Reply to @belgianwriter: if they decide n tell that’s ok. But is it fair that they don’t even care to give a single reply on my ticket? Its going to be 8 days now…still no reply…and i had close to $1000 in it…their policy says i can withdraw it after 45 days…but at least they should give me a confirmation… But here they are not replying only!