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Fiverr support not replying me messages

i was level 2 seller on fiverr and now fiverr blocked my account with 533 reviews without any warning where i was earning $3000/month.
i am contacting fiverr support now and they don’t reply my messages which is quite unprofessional from fiverr side.

It may take up to 3 days to receive a response from Fiverr support.

I hope everything works out for you.

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What reasons did Fiverr share within their message telling you that your account was blocked? Fiverr does not block, delete, or remove accounts without serious rule-breaking reasons – especially if your account is earning them $600/month.


they say it’s due to late deliveries and now they are not responding

Well then, Fiverr is within their rights to take action against your gig. You are supposed to be delivering your orders on time. Fiverr isn’t going to block an account unless there are serious problems with the owner of that account. I’m going to guess that you had a number of orders that you failed to deliver on time (perhaps even gained 1-star “did not deliver on time” automated reviews) and it seriously affected your reputation as a good, on-time seller.

Fiverr seeks to promote strong, consistent, on-time sellers.

Of course, with your account blocked, I can’t confirm any of my suspicions. But I can say, Fiverr usually doesn’t take drastic action against an account unless that action is warranted.

So, let’s try this again… instead of blaming Fiverr, what do you think you did to earn a block on your account? There is a reason. Perhaps you aren’t being as forthcoming with the details behind this action?

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