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Fiverr support not responding anymore?

I’m on fiverr since 2013 and made more than 2.000+ sales. Now I support my family doing work on fiverr full time, basicaly… I depend on Fiverr so I do my best to give all my customers a great experience using this websites, this reflects on my stats 1800+ 5 stars, 29 4 stars and only one negative rating. Also in the last 30 days, I got Response Rate 100%, Orders Completed 96% and Delivered on Time 97%. Made this introduction just to show how much effort I put up in my work on Fiverr and how much I try to improve my services every day.

Now comes the bad part, most of my sales come from a single gig with more than 1.000 reviews. The gig was showing on the top row on results when searching for “youtube banner” and was selling great. After I edited one of my extras price from $10 to $15, the gig will NOT SHOW AT ALL in the search for “youtube banner” altho this keyword was in my title, my gig description and gig keywords. It was showing only if the searched keywords contained a capital letter, like for example “youtube Banner” or “Youtube banner” and this was pretty bad because no one searches with capital letters in the keywords, I could see that in the gig stats that dropped a lot. I opened a ticket 6 days ago trying to figure why this is happening, but each member of the support team told me that this is not a problem, that this is normal. What do you guys think? I’m not the only one that is afraid to edit a gig because it will not show in searches anymore. The gig was not showing anymore in “best selling” category at all, even tho it has 1.000 + reviews but other gig with not even a single review were showing in the search, is this normal?
After multiple replays from the staff members I understood that there is nothing that will be done, I don’t blame anyone on this, a milion things can go wrong when taking care of a website as big as Fiverr.

I decided to edit the gig title, description, keywords… kept it similar but I improved as much as possible, even some of the portfolio photos with this occasion. After this, the gig dose not show in the searches AT ALL no matter what I type. I assume it is in the “editorial mode”? meaning that it needs to have the changes approved. (I might be wrong). Ok, the last replay to my ticket was on “Sunday at 19:23” and after that, I wrote 3 replays and not a single response. Considering the fact that I depend on this gig to pay my rent and support my family, I opened another ticket just to ask for someone to check and approve the gig so it will show in searches at all considering the gig was edited 2 days a go. I explained the situation and excused my self for the second ticket. The next thing that happened was that the ticket was closed as “solved” with not a single reply and the first ticket still doesn’t have an answer. (check the link for a screenshot: )

What do you guys say about this? A lot of times I ended up working until 4-5 AM trying to build something that now ends up like this?.. I can’t tell how disappointed I am. I always considered fiverr a great website and recommended it to many of my friends that are now working on here or made money on this website at some points. Allways appreciated the support team that solved tons of my tickets (believe me, there are pages upon pages of tickets opened by me since i work on here)… and now this?

Once again, I opened this topic to share my experience and also to try and find someone on the support team to respond to my ticket because right now, my second ticket was closed without an answer and my first ticket has no answer since 3 days a go, but the “last activity” was 4 hours a go. I understand you are busy… but i just need my gig checked and approved. Ticket Id: 2650768

Sorry for any grammar mistakes… it’s my second language :frowning:

EDIT: I got no response from the Fiverr support team since Sunday at 19:23. Altho the “recent activity” and “Assigned to” has changed multiple times. All I want is for my gig to get reviewed and accepted because it’s not showing AT ALL in searches no matter what I search for because it was edited a few days back. I’m amazed nobody cares.

EDIT 2: After I sent an email that ended up opening a ticket but without any category selected (I assumed it ended up to another support departament) someone answered in just a few hours and helped me out. The gig is now showing in searches BUT I bet you can’t find it, it’s not showing at all if you search for “youtube banner”, altho that’s what I do, the keyword is in my title, gig description and gig keywords. My gig has 1000+ 5 stars review but it seems it’s not “relevant” to this keywords? and it’s not like there is a lot of competition… I see gigs with 0 reviews. I hope it will rank back up…
The first ticket still has no answer. I assume you need to find the right people in the support team that will help you out instead of ignoring you. I would like to thank Diego that answered and got my gig back in the searches in just a few hours. I’m curious how many more days do I have to wayt for the first ticket to get an answer, it’s only been 4 already.

Your story is a little hard to understand. You mention keywords, you mention capital letters.

I had a hard time trying to find out what the actual problem is.

I know, I’m editing my post trying to make it easier for other people to understand… sorry for the long post.

I have a good selling gig that has been removed completely too after I edited it two ro three times.

You have two orders in your queue so people must be finding it somewhere.

I’m sorry to hear that, I know how hard it is to grow a gig… i just hope someone will help us. I know this is a big website with tons of users, but we don’t ask for more than a few minutes.

I have the very first gig of it’s kind and now there are dozens of copycat gigs, and mine, which people loved and made lots of money has been completely removed from search.

Some other gigs too have been moved way down in the ranks due to me editing them.

I had one of the first gigs of this type (I don’t belive it was the first) now I find gigs with the same descriptions as mine and also my work in the portfolio but I’m not afraid of them… my 1000+ gig reviews speak for themselves, too bad that now all my hard work is now worth anything anymore if I don’t get a bit of help.
it’s funny how all my years of work are in vain if someone won’t give me a few of their minutes.

You said that you contacted CS several times. I think I have read on the Forum that you should not do that because CS only gets upset when you “spam” them and then they do not help you. I am not saying this is so in your case as I do not know how many times you contacted them on the same subject.


Basically I had one ticket opened where i wrote everything and did not got a response anymore, even tho my last replay was “Anyone?..” because no one answered anymore. I than waited another day and decided to open another ticket just to get my gig verified and aproved, it got closed without a single replay. So I opened this topic because what else can i do? open another ticket?

I don’t say that the way i did things was correct and I accept any “bad” comments that i might get, but I need a bit of help and I shared my experience on Fiverr with this occasion.

I feel you, you are not alone. I have similar metrics, almost 2k 5 star reviews. Sales suddenly dropped to zero. I am listed though, Fiverr says they did nothing. Hard to believe.
I opened a topic for this, and others report similar issues.


A bit of consolation: I like your gigs! You seem really talented! :wink:

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Thank you! I do my best :cry:

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UP! Still no response since Sunday at 19:23

EDIT: Once again, I see “Last activity” 2 hours ago but no response, what does this mean?

EDIT 2: Last activity has changed again, the ticket was assigned to another member of the staff, still no answer.

Did they get your gig back on track and if yes how long does it take. I am having the same problem right now.

Sorry for the late response, I’m sure you got the problem solved by now.
Yes, everything worked out in the end as you can see in my original post that have been edited.
Still selling on here 2 years later and I didn’t had any more problems but I don’t edit any text/images to my gig just to be sure, just the prices :sweat_smile: