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Fiverr support not responding to my request for 5 days!


Hello everyone! I joined fiverr 2 weeks ago. I made my first gig and after 8 days had no sales but a few impressions. I decided to message buyers who I thought would be interested in my gig because I thought I could get my first sale then BOOM some people reported me as spam then Fiverr disabled my messaging ability. Prior to this, I did not know that it was not allowed to message people promoting gigs. Now I have some people that were interested in my offer messaging me, but I can not reply. I have had about 7 enquiries from people but I am so frustrated because I can not contact them back! It has been about 5 days!

On the day my messaging was disabled, I contacted Fiverr support, then got a reply which I have attached a screenshot below from Susan saying my messaging had been disabled for spam or something, but can be restored if I agree to refrain from sending more spam. I messaged back agreeing and waited for 24 hours without a reply. I decided to go through the same process again and then after got a reply from Jason, but the same message which Susan sent me. I replied again saying I agreed to refrain and this time waited for 2 days without a reply. 7 hours ago I sent another message but no reply still and messaging is disabled.

As I said I have been here for 2 weeks and did not know what I was doing was wrong. I have been getting messages, right now about 12 but can not reply! FIVERR SUPPORT PLEASE ENABLE MY MESSAGING IF YOU CAN SEE THIS. YOU CAN DELETE ALL MY SPAM MESSAGE FROM YOUR SERVER TO MAKE IT EVEN.

What should I do now?


It’s unfortunate, however you should have read the Fiverr Terms of Service, especially the paragraph called “Staying Out of Trouble”.

There is no support here on the Forum. We are Users just like you. You need to contact Fiverr Customer Support and plead your case.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thanks! I will keep messaging them :slight_smile: