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Fiverr Support not response within 1 days 7 hours



Last 31 hours ago i have opened a support ticket.About my profile always offline. I am still online but it’s seems the status is offline. I have tried to fix but not able (I have read many forum post about it and try to fix) to fix it. Then i asked for help to Fiverr support.But unfortunately they not yet any response. May be they are busy but i know it’s may take maximum 1 day to response.

Is there anyone who has same experience about it. Or any suggestion about it? I know Community can’t help me to fix it, but i think many experienced person available in our community so they can help me with sharing there experience.

Thank you.


Wrong. There is no timeframe on when they will respond. Occasionally, due to some requests requiring more research than others and also due to excessive demand, a reply may take longer than one business day. So you would have to wait.

Sending multiple tickets will put a negative impact on your account and they can disable you from contacting them.


Thanks sir, for your information.But i said about 1 day, because they send a mail and i have seen that it’s may take a business day to response.I understand that, now i have to wait until they back to me. And yes i don’t open any new one request.Specially thanks for the information, I was thinking about it to open new one, you save and safe me. Thanks.


Hello @iamsachmusic,

Could you please help me, I have gotten a notification about Identity verify and within 14 days already 4 days gone, Now i am out of city my NID is at my home. So i need to back there and verify it later many be 3/5 days. Is it any problem if i will verify it after 5 days?



To be honest, I advise you to verify it as soon as possible. The reason is Fiverr sometimes disapprove the valid ID depending upon some reasons, so if it will take more than 14 days, they will put your account on a restricted mode. In a restricted mode, you can only work with your active clients.


@wordpress_it_bd I see you online now:


Their quoted timeframe is 24-48 hours.


but in my profile i can see its offline at right side and left side it’s online. and in the gig page when clients search they are seen may be offline. so they ask me 1st are you online?

please see the screenshot.

Thank you.


Thanks all to help me. I have closed my support request.