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Fiverr Support offline?


What is going on? I opened a ticket about 8 hours ago and haven’t heard anything since. Generally they’re much faster!


They are behind recently :slight_smile: It’s taken 36 hours to answer my ticket so far. I am sure they will get to you soon though! :slight_smile:



Yeah something is off with customer support mines been 26 hrs or more now. Could use more staff.


Why don’t they just make an announcement. I don’t get it… I wouldn’t be so pissed if I knew why it is taking so long.

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Reply to @alphacat: I don’t see the negative on your account? Maybe Fiverr removed it and didn’t tell you?


Reply to @ryangillam: Well, it is definetely there. My gig was always at 100% rating and now it is at 99%.


Reply to @alphacat: 100% GIG RATING , They fixed it :slight_smile:


Yes, they did indeed. Thanks fiverr :slight_smile:


I am having issues with support taking forever to resolve my credit issued by a seller. It took 2 days for them to respond and now who know how long they will take to respond to my reply.