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Fiverr support only with buyer

i have discussed project with one person and cost was 100usd. we agree on question i did the work and deliver after 20 hour work. then he want modification i did that too. after 3 modification he ask for refund i refuse because i already did 30+ hours work on it. today he put negative review 1 star. i was ok because i know i put effort on it.

after few minute i got notification order cancel by fiverr support. I am really unhappy and his review still showing. fiverr only for buyer and dont care about seller. i did allot project. they must have to check i did according or not .

i dont know how i show my bad feeling here. that person i check belong to my country i am feeling bad my country people just make a bad mark only for free work.

I don’t think Fiverr support team only sides with the buyers. They have helped me with many difficult clients. You should contact Fiverr support team to make sure that they know what’s going on. I have never encountered any problem with support guys. They are amazingly friendly, professional and understanding.

You should contact them and explain it mybe they’ll remove the negtive review which i doubt they’ll do.
Happened to me once with a stupid buyer, they didn’t care about what i explained they gave him money back and didn’t remove the negative feedback no matter what i said
I think you should just forget it and move on and never work on something unless you’re 100% ok with the buyer, when a buyer is stubborn just refund him or contact CS so that they be the judge and void geting negative feedback

If refund given to Buyer, Fiverr Support will delete 1☆ review.

I doubt that support team did not help. I assume that you did not take this matter to them. Buyer took his matter and they supported him but you should also contact them and present your side. Attach screenshots of your discussion and your work for their review. They will help you out.

There is not a single negative review present on your profile…i doubt how directly CS ask for cancellation… they must discuss it with you about the whole matter…You must present your side to them…may be that can help…It is not like that customer support always help buyers…they listen to sellers too…You are doing great and have many great reviews …It happens sometimes but do not bother about such clients…Just keep up the good work…

I was ok with work. and i did really quality work. check my review.

I dont want to refund. i spent more then 30 hour on project. its around 100usd project. but fiverr support did that. now review removed. but this is not fare for my work.

It was 100 usd project and i think it is important for me. best way to get work free on fiverr buy and gig. not happy with delivery when seller refuse ask fro refund from fiverr support. this is really amazing. i felt like this happen to me.

$ 100 should not work on it if the customer is not satisfied, I’m only up to $ 5- $ 20.

Sometimes it sucks buyer. But they have to find solutions to their problems.

I’m not going to repeat the question a year ago, but this is an old problem and unfinished, I hope there is a new script updates that address this problem in the payment gateway