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Fiverr Support - Talk to a real person?

It would be AMAZING if we could talk directly with someone about issues instead of using the support message system!

I have a fairly simple problem with an order (question about a review I got from an unhappy buyer.) I’ve gotten messages from 3 different Fiverr support people and none of them will answer my question outright. They’re almost all the same replies as well, which makes it seem like they’re just copy and pasting replies.

Does anyone know how to get around this? To talk to a real person? Doesn’t even have to be a phone number. I’d be happy to use a chat or talking back and forth with someone on Twitter, as long as it’s a real person and not canned answers.



They must like me as I get some human responses sometimes–but the TOS will be OBEYED. Unless it’s a Feedback Policy issue. Because they don’t have one, but they do go by it, somehow. Note that a TOS violation does not affect reviews, because that’s the, er… Feedback Policy–the one that doesn’t exist. If that’s the question, ask them why they don’t have such a rather important piece of official documentation to hand for users and staff alike to operate from as a guideline.

I doubt they have a cut and paste for that…

Depends on the specific issue really. Perhaps your issue is dealt with perfectly adequately (according to their guidelines, whatever they are) by the cut and paste response? You could call Tel Aviv (it’s almost 11am in sunny Israel right now), but I doubt you would get much help. As for Twitter and Facebook, you’ll just be trapped in a loop of being directed to CS.


May be there should be a live chat option?


That would be awesome!!

Haha lucky you!! I usually get okay responses, but on this issue it’s just nothing but canned answers.

SO TRUE about the Feedback Policy and TOS! lol. omg.

The issue I’m having right now is with feedback removal. The buyer stated something that was false (that they asked for a refund, they literally never even sent me a message), which I think should count as a “false statement” meaning that the feedback should get removed regardless of whether or not the buyer removes it or not. They explicitly say in the Fiverr Help documents that “Feedback that violates our TOS would contain false statements or abuse towards the seller.”

Fiverr support basically said that my situation doesn’t violate that. So then I asked them what would count as a “false statement” and to provide an example, since to me this definitely seemed like a situation where it would count. They keep skirting around the question and just saying the same thing over and over “We only remove feedback when it directly violates the TOS”, etc, etc. I’m more just curious since I’ve run into multiple weird issues like this with feedback removal now, so I just want to be more informed so I don’t waste their time in the future.

At this point I kind of don’t even care about getting the feedback removed, I’m more annoyed at the responses I keep getting and why no one will directly answer my question.

I definitely don’t mind calling Tel Aviv, even if I have to wait a bit. Happen to know the number?

sellers can reply to reviews.

Fiverr want to model their site on other successful money-making websites such as eBay. They want to gain as much business as possible and be as hands-off as they can. The more they have to intervene, the higher their cost base is. They want us to resolve the issues ourselves as much as possible. The feedback system is designed to keep people in line. At the moment it doesn’t really work. Watch this space…

you get an auto-reply, and within 24-48 hours you get a human to reply to you. I always get it in less than that.

I’ve already replied to the review. I’m glad they have that option! Hopefully I’ll still be able to get my question answered by support though.

Most times the response has been quite wonderful at least someone actually responded to the issue as it is not some copy paste stuff.

At least the grammar is pretty good though right? I mean, they definitely score points there.
I always feel special when it looks like the response isnt canned. Just to know somebody took the time to read my ticket really warms my heart. I think there is a picture of me on their wall by now… they probably throw darts at it on their lunch breaks.

You’re lucky they treated you as the seller instead of them thinking you were somehow the buyer. It’s gotten that bad.

Some kind of live chat would be nice, though, seeing some forum posts, unless they´d invest big time in staff, you might stand in a queue with people asking how to rank their gig on 1st page and stuff and ticket system might be faster…


Fiverr Support are real people. I think they are very good. A few times I had some problems and FSupport guys sorted all the problems absolutely perfect.

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Fiverr gives us a awesome 24/7 support and it is really helpful for all professional freelancers .


U r right absolutely. I can say only good words about Fiverr & Support. So good service.

Yeah thanks and i posted about to make your account more safe in here .
Check this topics in here . Thanks

Linking to a post you made that simply quotes the ToS and offers no useful information isn’t really relevant here, is it?


lucky you… I have horror stories of how they can’t fix the simplest problems no matter how easily you spell it out to them.

Would love to see my 20% go towards something like that.

Getting more people into jobs is always a good use for money, yes.