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Fiverr support team , Are they really genuine?

Hey mates,

I need your opinion on below incidence
I am new to fiverr i came here to develop one software
I found one seller who willing to do my task ,but he said he needs to buy few apis to complete project but to buy them he need advance fund, i was not ready to make any advance payment so after long discussion we agreed that he will deliever an empty delivery which I will accept and after 10 days he will deliver my software I checked few blogs where fiverr team mentioned funds are safe with fiverr within 14 days so i agreed his terma

During this 10 days period of journey ,i tried to contact seller in between but there was no response , on 10th day when he not responded I immediately raised ticket to support team

They assured me that they will look into this matter and asked everything regarding order and discussions.

After 4 days of time ,when it was 14th day of delivery i again asked support team that what happened to my ticket,they said they are looking into it but funds are safe

After taking 10 days of review they are telling my order can not be cancelled because its not meeting canceling requirements

Without telling any specific reason they just trying to close this matter.

Order value was $100 and i raised complaint on 10th day of delivery, i did follow ups
I have not received my software

Please tell me if anythings else can be done here or some one from fiverr fourm gone through with same situation


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We cannot answer this question because we do not have insight or access to your account. The only people who can resolve this issue for you are Customer Support.

As far as your seller, it would have been a big red flag to me if a seller told me that he needed to buy more software to complete an order he was trying to get customers for. That tells me that the seller has no idea how to do what he is promising, and is likely trying to cheat you. You should NEVER be hiring a seller here on Fiverr who requires an advanced down payment on a job. A seller’s prices should always be clearly marked on his/her gig page. Those are the prices you pay, and any other prices would be add-on services to improve the scope of the listed service.


I’m sorry to hear about your experience.
My advice is contact support about this again, say that you are pretty sure that you have been scammed and that the seller in question asked you money in advance and you complied, thinking it was common practice on that area of work, but the seller did not deliver anything at all and stopped responding.
You can always try to state that there was verbal agreement of which the seller did not comply, possibly making the order refundable.

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Thank you Creative_ed
I will definitely again raise concern to support team as you suggested
Do you think because support team delayed to look into matter and 14 days gone so they dont have any answer to me that why they are making excuses

I’m actually very surprised that they didn’t take any action.

First of all, that’s a lesson for you to follow fiverr rules and never ever mark orders complete without receiving actual work.

Secondly, ask fiverr support to escalate your ticket and tell them that seller sent you empty delivery which is violation of fiverr TOS and with that your order IS eligible to be cancelled. And attach screenshots from your order with empty delivery.
Don’t write long messages. The shorter the better. Only facts and screenshots.

Please let us know the response you will get after that email.


Yeah right,and i will be remembered for next time
But do you thing any alternative for now

Thank you so much Mariashtelle1 for information ,i will do the same and post here again once i received from team

Why are you trying to get me to give you an answer different than the one I have already provided?

No i am not trying, thank you for your answer

Hi! Fiver team always support both parties and provide them equal rights and do not transfer funds before delivery.

First red flag

Second red flag

Third red flag

The only thing you can do now is see what CS say.


I assume this was told to the buyer before the order was made though.

The price was probably custom due to the specific order requirements needed by the buyer. eg. without knowing exactly what software requirements the buyer needs, the seller might not know what APIs he needs for it (and those APIs might cost the seller).

The seller shouldn’t have just delivered an empty order though (just for the buying the APIs bit) and that shouldn’t have been what was agreed to do if it was.


best way I can see here is you can share your delivery screenshot to CS and tell them that you received nothing in return and ask to check your delivery file…thats empty.
Delivering Empty file just to mark order as complete or to stop timer is agains fiverr TOS…that can help…even if you both agreed, seller broke the rule.


Yes I agree they need to deliver either the work (whether as an attachment or link) or something showing proof of work done. For a normal gig anyway (maybe a tip gig would be different). Really the seller should have sent an offer for the software price which included the price of anything he had to buy for it.


Hey Surajrenuka,
Thank you for your suggestion, I did the same but now CS team is telling they can not able to cancel because its not meeting canceling T&C
And they are not telling what are those T $ C

Is that their latest response after our comments?

Yes, what they now telling is , they still not cancel the order but they will try to contact with seller and ask him to deliver my product
But they not cleared my doubt like if seller again not delivered will they cancel this time
What if seller delivered but my software wil have bug, m I able to ask for correction to seller

Thing is today is 26th day of delivery and i guess seller already requested for withdrawal of $100 which will be cleared in next 4 days

Sorry this happened to you - it sounds pretty worrying.

The problem is that you agreed with the seller that delivering an empty order was acceptable, which is what you got.

Unfortunately, you are learning the hard way that these things can happen and that in future, you’ll need to buy your own apis in order to supply them to the seller.

Good luck with CS - they really are overwhelmed at the moment. You can ask to escalate the ticket, since you haven’t received the second part of the order, due 10 days later.


if CS will help you to get your order that is good because at last you spent $100 to get that thing done…
yes of course you can ask for revisions if they does not meet to the order description.

my question is, Is that seller still relies you ?

It happens sometimes. But anyways, am sorry for your bad experience. As a buyer, you shouldn’t mark any job without the seller actually completing the project. And sometimes, it might be very frustrating to request for a refund after the order had been marked as completed.

Contact support again to escalate the matter.