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Fiverr support team , Are they really genuine?

This is the second post suggesting I see in less than 24hs suggesting a seller is a scammer (which in this case they might very well be) for doing practices that may sound fishy out of context but are perfectly normal in some areas.

Although whenever I come across this I always send a link with instructions so the buyer can buy whatever third party assets themselves, because:

  1. I’m not getting paid to do so
  2. A buyer should hold all the licenses themselves
  3. This way they won’t have to pay Fiverr’s 20% markup

So the problem here was creating an order for something that could’ve easily (I’m assuming) be done by the buyer himself.

If there’s one thing to learn from this is that if a seller needs something just ask what it is that they need, what they need it for, where you can get it yourself and how you can supply that to them so they can finish the order.

That should make it easier on both you and the seller.

Edit: Just to clarify although I quote you @uk1000 my answer was not directed at you and I agree with your post

They might be normal in some areas, but they’re not normal on Fiverr. That’s not how Fiverr works.


Hello @dhani2020!

Welcome to Fiverr, I’m sorry you had a BAD experience from the jump. Rest assured this platform has many amazing Sellers. The best thing you can do is share your side of the story with Fiverr Customer Service. If what you’re saying here happened. The Seller’s communication was POOR.

I can only speak from experience. Fiverr CS has always been kind, professional whenever I had a query. Sometimes, I received contradicting responses but in the end they always came to a conclusion that worked for me. Some times things went my way and sometimes it didn’t. But that’s life. I can’t have my :cake: cake and eat it, too.

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Not necessarily true. The way it was done (empty delivery), it is wrong…no arguments there. And as I said in this case it does look like the seller may actually be a scammer.

But people were suggesting the sheer action of asking a buyer to buy a license to a third part asset needed to complete the order is a sign of scam…which is just not true, and that was all my answer wanted to address.

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