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Fiverr support team at its worst


I never wanted to do this but i think every seller should know about the support team and the tech team. Almost 1 month back something happened which I don’t know but all of my reviews were disappeared. when I contacted the support team to know what happened they told me they update the reviews in the system to show the latest one on the top. And assured me they have forwarded my ticket to the tech team. Few days passed no reply, so I contacted them again and asked for an update since that day I am getting the same automated reply’s. Not even a single person gave me an ETA, no update from the tech team from day 1. No one is even connecting me with the manager and now i’m sure they don’t even have one. I am highly disappointed because from last 1 month its me who ask them every time for an update non of the support member ever contacted me and gave an update because they don’t have any update. They don’t have any ETA for my request. I work on fiverr full time, my sale is badly effected all because of this and I have informed them several times. But no one did anything to help me. From last 1 month they are saying they are working on it and they will update me but no actual help. I am getting the worst support ever.


That is really a strange bug/issue - I have not seen anyone else complain or mention it on the forum!

I am genuinely sorry that it is happening to you but at the same time, my thinking on it is that an issue for one person can’t be seen as a priority by a company with millions of users. I know that is no comfort to you but I am sure the support team tried what they could but then had to send it to the tech team and now support have to wait on them to get back with a fix or whatever.
There isn’t much point in getting a weekly update from support to say “Sorry, no news”.
I hope it gets fixed for you asap.


I see that you have 16 reviews. That is a real shame they don’t show! I feel bad for you.

I have a suggestion which is, knowing how the support team works, stop messaging them and try to have a lot of patience. This will be fixed and it can take a long time for something like this to be corrected. Support does not like to get messages about the same issue. Once is enough. I say this only to let you know what works best, from long experience.

I am hoping this gets fixed soon for you!


That´s really too bad, good luck that they can sort it out very soon, Gary. :four_leaf_clover:
As I´d been looking at your profile, in the hope to maybe be able to tell you “but I can see your reviews!”, I wanted to mention that your profile shows English - Basic as your language, you should change that to native if you are a native speaker, I suppose so as it says USA for location, seeing that you offer writing gigs, that may be crucial for getting orders as much as reviews.


In addition to what @miiila said, shouldn’t it be Harvard, not Havard?


This is really sad…wish u good luck :blush::blush::blush:


I imagine it must be tough for a small team to go through thousands of support tickets per day. But on the flip side, if I were in your situation, I’d feel the same way. Hoping all works out in the end. You deserve better for your hard work!


FYI, Just have patience, I had another issue which was corrected in 5 months. (It’s not always good to blame the Support), they will do the best for you as from my experience. I know Fiverr keeps a backup but remember that there are millions of profiles stored in the Fiverr database and they do this safely, it will take time and they will find a fix for that but first they will find an issue which they won’t tell you as could be a bug or something else.

If they says “they are working on it” ? then they are definitely working on it and keep those words with you and Trust them but don’t message them day by day.

You need to have a lot of Patience!!!


Thanks rahul, that’s very reassuring. I’ll have to keep this in mind. :slight_smile:


A Harvard M.B.A. is worth a starting salary of well over $100,000 a year and probably several times over that so how does one end up with that kind of education doing research and design on fiverr? However the design gig says there is a degree in that too. OP you need to show some of your designs on your design gig.

OP did more than one person leave the reviews you had?