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Fiverr support team is not responding! disable my message

i am level 2 seller on fiverr with 10,000 positive rating, they disabled my message form last 5 days, also don’t allow me to deliver any order… member of support team member “tara” reply me 2 days ago that our safty team reviewing your issue and response you soon, now past 5 days and there is not reply from support. my mostly orders are in very late, also some client give me negative with cancellation… because i cant contact with client and cant deliver the order.

can any one tell me what is the short way to contact with support, why they are too late in response and do any action, and how will i remove these negative rating, even there is not my fault… i have ready my all client work…

how possible to fix it ? -

You are involved in some of the most controversial categories on Fiverr. Traffic gigs, backlinks, SEO articles from a non-native speaker, and you have multiple gigs with similar goals. In addition you have a profile picture that appears to be a stock photo and Fiverr may not be sure of your identity. You have such a large number of issues here, it make take quite some time to resolve. You will probably have to wait on Customer Support. Whatever you do, don’t make multiple tickets and don’t harass Fiverr staff or you will be in worse shape. Good luck.

dear this is my own profile image, and i am running a software house in Pakistan, and 25 employee work in my software house, about traffic gig… you can see there is lots of top rated seller even super seller who are selling traffic gigs… i am doing seo from last 8 years, and backlinks and writing is main part of seo, we have 3 professional writers in our staff. even you can see we have 10,000 positive review and only 7 negative reviews…
also i want to clear you that the disable me only for "unappropriated message to other user"
they have not any objection on my profile… even you can search whole internet you will not found my picture anywhere…

and what about the lat order cancellation, which is negative rating on my profile, what is the suggestion for that to remove it ?

Have you tried to reach out to support on Twitter? @FiverrSupport

Reply to @fawadyk: I’m not really your dear and I don’t appreciate being called that by people I don’t know.

If that is your own profile image, you might want to stop selling it to stock photo companies on the internet since it shows up all over the place and makes your profile look fake.

I didn’t say there weren’t TRS or reputable sellers that do traffic gigs. I am not sure how you read that into my comment. I said that you were involved in some of the more controversial categories and that is the truth. It was mentioned to help you understand what might be happening. I didn’t disable you from anything - I’m just a seller like you are. I tried to help you. I could offer you suggestions on the negative rating but I will not do so since you are writing rude comments directed at me. You really seem to want to rant and not get help on the forums. Good bye and good luck.

Reply to @fawadyk:

In reply to this, "also i want to clear you that the disable me only for “unappropriated message to other user”, what was the unappropriated message? It would help to tell you what you need to do if we had all the information about why they did it.

Yes tara is a horrible support member on Fiverr, I am surprised she still has a job working for them. I have a bad situation because of her too. Instead of actually caring and solving the issues at hand, she brushed me off to the side and pressed “Solved” just so she didnt have to communicate further. That is so frustrating!

I’m afraid we can’t help you. This is an issue between you and Customer Support. They told you that they are reviewing whatever the issue is. They gave you an answer. You’re going to have to work it out with them, none of us will be able to provide you with any new information.

Perhaps you will need to contact your current buyers and let them know of the situation, and then pause your gigs until this gets resolved.

This question was from way back in July.

Ugh. Inadvertently sucked into yet another grave-dug post. … [sigh]