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Fiverr support too much inclined in the favour of buyers

I know, this is a bit harsh, but each time I have created support issues, my cases are closed without my consent. The support primary task shoudl be to judge between, what is right and wrong. Initially, it was used to be like that. However, the circumstances have changed, and every time, i create a case, I get a same set of replies. There is no time limit, or please resolve the case using buyer consent. I wan to know, What is the exact meaning of support in this community. I want to know, your experience with the support.

What kind of cases are you writing to Customer Support about? And does it happen often?

You should read the TOS before contacting support. There you will find a lot of answers for your questions.

If you for example are trying to remove negative feedback you have to talk to the buyer first and get his consent. I hope that helps.

Reply to @annai80: Terrible reply. Are you sure you don’t work for CS? Guess who wrote the TOS – F I V E R R – if they want, they could put, “you have to run around the block 13 times screaming the buyers name before contacting us” and the seller is left with no solution and worse, a TOS that favors the buyer.

You don’t get anywhere in this world without challenging things that are illogical or one sided – especially when the laws are written so you don’t have to do any work and instead “hands off” we are too busy no matter if you are being wronged or not.

If CS can’t be an impartial judge when their are differences between buyer and seller, than we have a TOS that is as bad as the authors who wrote it favoring one group over another.

Contacting a buyer that is putting the screws to you for their consent is going to work…yea, right…it would be easier to run around the block screaming their name 13 times than getting a buyer’s consent who is doing you wrong.

@steveeyes you are right…we are working hard for the buyer, and there are some of them who want many things free, although everything is mentioned in the description. If TOS is everything, then why we need support.

@annai80 The stuff you have written, I know that.

Reply to @steveeyes: Sorry if you don’t like my answer! Yes, I DO NOT WORK FOR CS! Sometimes sellers don’t even take the time to read threads in the forum or the TOS where they can get most of their answers from. Support is being swamped with questions and issues. I personally never had a problem with support! My tickets were all closed immediately after I have received assistance. This is how it works!

My buyer ordered gigs from me after every gig he stopped the server and demanded more work for free now that whole of his project has been completed he has shut down the server started claiming that he didn’t get the required work.

When I tried to sort it out with him he refused and now demanding to get a server and apple developer account for free from me which he had to provide according to agreement and also mentioned in the gig. The support has been completely worthless and only saying sort it out with him. The orders are all completed and buyer himself already said that the apps were working all right. after order was marked as completed he put in a dispute and now the support does not even listen to what I said and totally uncooperative and saying that I should provide him with everything. I even sent them all the evidences of the work from the conversation but they are totally uncooperative and biased towards the buyer. My withdrawals have been blocked and they are not opening even when all the evidences are given to them.

The support is totally disregarding the TOS themselves and saying to settle things with the buyers consent. The buyer’s case is totally against Fiverr’s own TOS but the support is not even trying to see that. Is this what happens on