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FIVERR SUPPORT work carelessly


Today Fiverr support canceled one of my completed order. Buyer came to me asking for source file which I delivered 1 month ago I even taught him how to download them from order page. but after downloading all the files from Fiverr he has got a refund without my knowledge this is really frustrating. now he got my work + his money I don’t have anything at all

Check my Screenshots

BUYERS name is [name removed] DO NOT DO ANY WORK FROM THIS THIEF he will get your work and lie to fiverr support and get a refund

[Image Removed]

I am really frustrated about the situation. Fiverr works very carelessly

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It is against forum rules to name buyers and sellers so you need to remove this immediately.


hi! in that type of situation always ask buyers to increase the time limit to visiting the “resolution center”. And if the buyers asking you extra work just cancel the project ! As I have done 1st week of this month… Remember “time is money” …


There would have been a “Resolution Center” round before the refund or am I wrong ?
If yes, what was (were) the buyer’s claim(s) ?


Guys, it would be a good idea to read the entire thing before reacting only for the sake of reacting.
OP said that it was about an order he delivered one month ago. No Resolution Center comes into play in this case.


I have hardly been a seller and hence not too aware of that part (that is why I mentioned “or am I wrong”) and as a regular buyer, I have never gone for any claim or chargebacks, etc… But there may have been a sort of resolution type of attempt prior to Fiverr granting a refund ? Sorry to ask, it is a genuine question.


No resolution for that type of situation. Only CS could have helped.

OP, sorry you had to go through this. I hope Fiverr finds a way eventually to solve this sort of buyer behaviour.


Since the OP said that the buyer came back a month post-gig, any resolution process would have been over by then:

It sounds like the buyer came back long after realized they either missed a file or didn’t get it. The OP tried to work through it personally with the buyer, but the buyer either complained anyway or did a PayPal chargeback. Either way, the buyer was unhappy and ultimately that one order was canceled so there is no more remedy for that. It’s too bad and it is a part of business here now and then.


Sorry to hear about your situation, but this isn’t due to Fiverr being careless A buyer was unhappy and the buyer may have been wrong and may have filed a chargeback. It is something we all deal with as self-employed sellers. Please don’t post usernames again or engage in CS-bashing. It is fine to vent in polite terms, though. Good luck.


Sorry to know your experience. However, I think you should have respect for your clients. He must have the perfect reason to take a refund. That is why Fiverr gave the refund.


Sorry this had to happen to you mate.

But HOW could an order that had been delivered and marked as complete be cancelled and refunded after a month? And this isn’t the first complaint made by a seller on the forum about this same exact issue, if I am not mistaken. WHAT THE HELL is actually going on on this platform?


It’s nothing to do with Fiverr as a platform - it’s PayPal chargebacks.


If scamming people is a perfect reason, then yes.


It’s always fraud of the buyer when there is a chargeback on fiverr. If it was really a problem with a delivery:

  1. It would happen quickly, not months later.
  2. The buyer would notify the seller and/or fiverr customer support that there was a problem.

They want something for nothing and sometimes it is something expensive and that they can’t really afford but see a chance to get something free.