Fiverr supports only buyers


I had very bad experience. Buyer placed an order of $5 without any prior information and notification. His project was huge and it was not possible at all to deliver at $5. I sent quoted proposal and requested to place and order of remaining amount or else I will cancel the order. I was waiting for his response at least “yes or no”. After long wait buyer replied me after 4 days and cancelled the order with negative review," Seller didn’t deliver deliverable within timeline". I have never agreed with his budget, timeline or project.

Now I asked help from fiverr customer support and sent screenshot our conversation but till now I didn’t get response.

Now what shall I do. Really need suggestion.



You shouldnt wait for so long. You needed to cancel order before timer ended.

next time if this happens you should cancel order right away, or wait buyer to reply but not leave timer to go to end.


Other than contacting customer support, unfortunately there isn’t much you can do - sorry. I would leave accurate feedback however explaining your side of the story.


This isn’t meant to be offensive, but other than the fact that it was a clear case of A**hole buyer, you should really work on your mastery of English, if that’s the language you work with.

There’s a LOT of room for miscommunication if your current grasp of the language reflects this post.



my friend had same problem

now so many fake buyers come and order gig with all extra

after work done leave negative or positive

after they requst refund from fievrr

fiverr always get buyer side becuse they open paypal case

as i think fiverr should be introduce something new for stop this

(sorry for my english) i think evryone can understand what i have said :smiley:


this is sample



sorry to hear that. I understand how you feel.

Maybe I am just lucky but up to now, in 97 sales on 5 different gigs, I have only had 3 difficult buyers. I managed to solve things out by myself with the first two. The third one was not willing to communicate.

So, after a few days, I collected all available proof (screenshots, my former excellent reviews on this gig) and contacted customer support. I patiently waited for their answer (I am aware they are overloaded with requests). I had to explain the situation once more but in the (happy) end, my request for true support was fully satisfied.

Conclusion: by my experience, I may say, I feel that the people behind Fiverr customer support do care for both sides. Both Sellers & Buyers.

So, I hope you & other fellow Fiverr sellers will find a way to get your problems solved too :slight_smile:


I just had my first negative experience on Fiverr regarding this issue after 7 months as a seller.

I’ve got an email today saying that an order successfully delivered on August 4 was canceled and the funds returned to the costumer. It was a $25 order, so that is $20 gone from my balance.

I contacted CS with screen shots of the completed order, the orders that followed that one, and some of the emails notifications I received from the costumer.

Now I’m patiently waiting for a reply but I have to say that after reading similar cases in the forum I feel more worried than relieved.

The system won’t let me contact the buyer directly for “privacy reasons”. Anyone knows what that mean?

What scares me the most is that after that order I completed three more for the same costumer, there was even one of $55 on August 20, also delivered on time and the total amount is over $$100, it may not seen much but to it represents a lot of time invested on photo retouching.

If the buyer is fraudulent and he is allowed to cancel without me getting a saying on the matter, my confidence on the platform will be seriously undermined.


I’m getting unsupported here :slight_smile: and still waiting :slight_smile:


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for your reply.


Well, I had the expected reply from Customer Support, the user abused his PayPal privileges and there is nothing they can do about it. I should also keep in mind that they are not getting paid to (?!).

Sure enough, I had another message this morning, the now suspended user also disputed the $55 order (last of four I did for him) so now my account is on negative numbers, I suppose I can only sit and wait until he cancels the other two and see my hard earned money fly away, and Fiverr and I can only comfort each other and cry (?!)

From now on I will distrust every Fiverr success story because how the system works, a user can close his 10.000 order today and be a super seller, only to lost 10% of his revenues by the end of the month just like this.

I don’t suppose Fiverr is going to rush to find a patch to this hole since it doesn’t represent a big loss to them and keeps attracting users like this one, that in the end only enlarge Fiverr’s numbers for marketing purposes.

I’m very very sad about this.


Fiverr Hold Revenue Withdrawal.

Fiverr says. If client is not satisfied with your services you cannot withdraw revenue services. No matter if client request refund after 3 months. No Matter if seller provide right services. No Matter if you gave quality work or not. No matter if client has already provided negative ratings after completed order. No Matter client doesn’t show up in 30 days after order completion.

Most hard part is Fiverr doesn’t allow your buyer name for privacy reason. Come on I don’t understand what’s the wrong in disclosing our buyer name to us just for resolution of case.

In short Fiverr is trying hard to force seller that if you didn’t get 4 star just refund to buyer. Come this rule is completely shit. No matter even if client provide ratings and request refund after 3 months.

If Fiverr really care for seller they could atleast disclose name of disputed buyer so that we can solve the matter. But Fiverr is like to play around and torture seller. Holding someone full payment is not the solution.

I have 100’s of client. Out of 100 at least 20 client doesn’t provide ratings and shown up after completion of order. Now Fiverr says Solve the matter with 20 buyers meanwhile your payment is on hold. In directly fiverr is forcing us to refund all 20 buyers.

God Bless Fiverr!