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Fiverr supports only PRO sellers


Fiverr supports only PRO sellers, and what about all sellers???


No friend :slight_smile: I’m not a PRO seller. But they support me at any time. Normally withing 24h. Please don’t worry friend :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I mean they sellers have gigs on first page


You put a statement “Fiverr supports only PRO sellers” in the title without any explanation in your first post :confused:

What kind of answers are you looking for? Are you having trouble finding customer support?
Or do you expect to be on the first page yourself?

You’re offering logo design, why don’t you apply for the PRO badge yourself?


I request to become PRO seller and no reply until now


and I promote my gigs every day on Twitter and facebook and no orders


They said that if you qualify then they will be in touch and if you don’t qualify then they will not reply. They might review your application again in the future, but if you don’t hear back from them then most likely you didn’t qualify.


I don’t received a rejection email


Most likely you won’t get it either.


Why? , you try to apply in PRO and rejection you


You’re aware that not everyone can be on the first page, especially in a crowded category, right?

Also, your profile description looks like you have copied a part of the description of a British freelancer offering services on another freelancing website. If Fiverr thinks that you’re copying descriptions from others, it’s highly unlikely that they will make you a Pro seller.


That may be your problem. Clearly, your customers are not located on Twitter and Facebook. Why do you keep promoting where no one is interested in your services? This is not good marketing. You need to figure out where your customers are located, and go promote in THOSE places. I would think this is common sense. Putting random links on social media, and expecting customers to come flocking to your services is not going to work.

Reach out to your customers. They are the only people who will purchase your services.


yes i agree with you.


How I do the promote?


I do not agree to that. I am a level2 seller and I get top notch support anytime