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Fiverr supports scammers

a buyer probably he is a scammer he get his desire work then he agree that is 100% perfect what he want the he left poor rating and cancel the order and he is still using mine design too when i said him if something wrong with the design tell me i’ll provide him he say if you do free projects more then 3 then he 'll up the ratings i contact the fiverr they just warn him and mine account is still there with negitive review and m not able to do work any more he cancel the order when the order is complete now i cant do any thing and fiverr cant remove the scammers review too in mine last account m level one seller and account is ban just coz of a idot seller now m start again after soo long time and same thing happens to me again and now i need fiverr the most m jobless right now and this is in justcie if you guys suggest me how to get rid of this situation i have all the proof that he is still using mine designs

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Is this the buyer who made that last review of “terrible and constantly messaging me”? Well… I don’t know the whole story about your case but I hope things get settled for you… :slight_smile:


yes he is and nothing will settle
i think i have to deactivate the account only way i have
long and short is he get t he desire work and still use mine work on his web and fb and got the refund is well
when i asked any thing wrn with design he say do free more projects then i’ll up
your rating i contact fiverr that he scam me get the desire work and use it illegally and asked me for more free work please remove his review they say wen cant its against our polices then why he use mine work still simply the support buyers and there is nothing much for seller

yes but still fiverr support them cant take any action against them even cant remove there review is well no place for seller

we put all of our effort to make them happy but still we got nothing they get their work then refund too along with this they cancel and leave a negative review and still the scammer using mine work !*******. he use mine work still and cancel the order is well got the refund and gave a negative review is well

MOD NOTE: Screenshot Removed

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Just a head’s up! It’s against fiverr’s TOS to ask buyers to leave a positive review! Doing so can get you banned.


most of the buyer dnt leave the review so just to tell them how important it is if u like so please rate the work

Is fine. Asking for a 5* or a positive review isn’t, and can get your account shut down.

It’s best not to even mention the word ‘review’ - there have been stories of users getting warnings just for mentioning the word.


yes and what about the buyer if he say give me free work then

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if he use it commercially and cancel the work too then

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You absolutely broke the rules by asking for a specific positive review. You are really lucky you haven’t been banned by Fiverr yet. You also told the buyer (in the removed screenshot) that you would do some work for free. That’s often a bad idea since some buyers think you mean you will do a lot of work for free and it may have led to what happened to you with the buyer asking for free projects. The buyer was also wrong for demanding free work, so you both did something wrong.

As far as the review, it is the buyer’s right to leave it. If the buyer paid for the work and you didn’t accept a cancellation, the buyer has the right to use your work, too. I am not sure what you are complaining about unless you refunded the buyer. It also looked as though you delivered an ocean view to the buyer, which is one of your gig images. I don’t understand why the buyer would want an ocean view as a logo, but maybe I’m missing something.


i have refund the buyer and he say if u work free for more project then i 'll rate u

i think u just cant watch it properly and cant read it too he say that is perfect and exactly what he want 100% and also its a vintage loge if u have eyes u can see that

and its mine policy to provide life time free update of the same logo

I can see that he wrote that it was perfect. Something obviously went wrong after that, but I don’t know what that is. I may have eyes but I’m not psychic. Regardless, why are you upset that he is using the work if you got paid for it and you offer lifetime free updates of it? I understand why you are angry about the review, of course, but you can’t expect him to pay and also not use the logo.

he wont pay me he got the logo too he get the refund and its against the fiverr’s policy if u cancel the order u cant use the logo or any work its a seller’s property

So, are you saying he asked you to cancel the order and you agreed and that’s how he got a refund?

he simply play a trick he got the work and money too thats it

What do you mean he played a trick? There are genuine ways for you to do something about it depending on what happened. How did he get a refund?

how can he get refund u know how buyers can