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Fiverr Supports Surprise Me!

I joined Fiverr in 2017,
At that time I have no personal Payoneer card, So I used my Fathers Payoneer account in my Fiverr.
At 1st March 2019, I applied for Payoneer and tried to change my Fiverr revenue card in my Fiverr account. Now the problems are begins.

  1. I lost my mobile number (SIM)
  2. I forgot My Security Question’s answer!!

Ok! wait! Did you lose both of the important evidence?

Yes!! I did :disappointed:

I was so tensed! I checked Foram post related to this problem, Also checked this topic on google But, most of the solution there was " Try to remember your answer". And some of them said to contact customer care.

So, I contact customer care crossing my fingers!:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:
The following day they replied to me, I described my problem once again. Then they asked me a few questions:

1. What is your birth date?
2. Which number did you use at previous?
3. Do you remember any closest answer to your security question?

After this inquires, they asked me for my new number. And they give me a new setting option in my Fiverr account called " Change your security question"

when I click this option they send me a verification code in my new number. And finally, I changed my security question and also able to change my Fiverr revenue card (Payoneer).

Thanks, Fiverr support team. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: