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Just completed the survey, and hope they would use the survey results to improve the platform. And, of course, also hope to win $500 :slight_smile:

I got the survey, but am unable to complete it. It goes in an infinite loop when I hit next and keeps reloading the “Let’s talk about You and Freelancing

” I’ve triple checked that I’ve answered all the questions, turned off all add/popup blockers, tried a different browser. It just wont move forward. Weird.

Finally got it working in chrome.

Now that I’ve completed the survey, the one thing that scared the hell out of me is the questions about "How much would you be willing to spend per month on PPC advertizing on Fiverr."

We already pay the 20%. Now they think they can get more?

I really don;t like this idea as it becomes a “Good ol’ boys club” of super-sellers who get all the business. Certain gigs will self-perpetuate themselves to the top and stay there.

The survey also gave me some insight into the fact that Fiverr thinks we sell gigs to our relatives and friends all the time. My friends and family have no use for a professional voiceover in their daily lives. And I’m not a social marketing guru. I don’t even like Facebook. If I wanted to sell a voiceover to my friends, why wouldn’t I just sell direct?

Their whole strategy seems lopsided.

Hey Fiverr, not all of us are 18 years old and live on Facebook/Twitter. Some of us are seasoned farts with experience in our professions.

—stepping down off soapbox—

Reply to @liquidlettuce: Always have at least two browsers installed, preferably Chrome and Firefox. Some people still prefer IE, but it’s not an option for me being on a Linux machine.

Good to know you could able to complete the survey. I wish more than 90% sellers respond to it and raise as much issues as possible, offer some cool suggestions, so, Fiverr can get to know what we expect, and hopefully change itself.

Reply to @liquidlettuce: For this: “How much would you be willing to spend per month on PPC advertizing on Fiverr?”, I put “$0”, because in my opinion PPC is BS.

I don’t promote my Fiverr gigs on any platform, though I have placed a link to my Fiverr profile on LinkedIn. That is not to get me customers that would work with me on Fiverr, but to showcase my testimonials, and get DIRECT customers on LinkedIn.

Fiverr, promoting us is your job, and you get commission for that, if we want to promote our business, we will not make our customers to work through you, and why should we, when we can directly work with them? Of course, when customer is new, and we don’t have full trust, we can always use other platforms that offer safe/guaranteed Escrow payment system, and charge us much less.

I have clearly mentioned this in the survey. I have also asked them to make the platform suitable to be used for hourly projects, and trust us and allow us to contact our customers through Skype, TeamViewer etc. Sometimes it is impossible to work without these tools, and I had to turn down the projects because I simply cannot complete them without these tools. Other platforms have no issues about it.

The only good thing about Fiverr is no bidding, and their way of promoting the profiles of deserving sellers.

Reply to @ramesh_samane:

ramesh_samane said: I put "$0",

So did I. But did you notice how it wasn't an option and you had to write it in?
This indicates to me that they've already made up their mind to do this, and are trying to see how much the folks who *are* willing to pay will shell out.

I can’t fill it out, it stuck after 2-3 pages. On chrome and on mozilla aswell.

Reply to @zsandras: Try closing all the browser instances, and then restarting the browser. Clear your cache or preferably everything, and attempt again.

You may also try this direct link,

I have tried to fill out the survey on Chrome, Firefox and IE, but I couldn’t. All failed at the 2nd page (when it asks what platforms you use for online work). I cannot move forward or backward… I’m disappointed, want to go for the $500 :frowning:

Thans for the help though! :slight_smile:

Reply to @zsandras: Same here. Chrome, Firefox, IE all stop. It’s not Fiverr’s fault though, it’s that survey monkey site. It does it all the time.