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Fiverr has suspended my Funds withdrawal ability without a proper notice. Be careful if you are full time seller on Fiverr because Fiverr is suspending your account Funds withdrawal ability if some crazy buyers reports you. I didn’t do anything but some buyers asked me to do services that I am not even doing here, they have reported me for that. I am really disappointed about fiverr for taking action without even informing me the situation now. Now Fiverr CS asking me to stay 15 days which is ridiculous time period to review my account. I earned this money by hard working so suspending withdrawal ability is very bad thing

I feel you…


basically they will investigate the matter and based on that they will take action. If you think you do not have any fault and if fiverr finds it true i guess they will re activate your withdrawal ability. You just need to be patient now.

You have a well situated account, basing by the time you are here, reviews, etc. How can this happen? Wow…

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Please be patient sir.

Good that they didn’t suspend your entire account.

I hope that everything works out well for you.

Reply to @gunakararora: Sir, please don’t spam.

This forum has a nice section called My Fiverr Gigs where you can promote all day long.

those buyer most of the time are your competitor

fiverr will refund soon

be patience

Reply to @kreativa: That is the problem I have I didn’t even get a single negative feedback recently but still

Reply to @zarafal: I know but I didnt do anything wrong

Reply to @cre8iveartwork: Thank you!