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Fiverr system file size limit

I make music videos in my gigs and often when I try to deliver a gig the Fiverr system says “150 mb limit”. Routinely, however, I will have a file size that will be, 108 mb or so, like one I did today and it will tell me the file size is too large. Anyone else experience this?

Sheriff’s Note: Moved.

I do animations and often have to deliver large video files. My understanding is that the maximum file size you can deliver is 50mb per individual file. That would mean you can deliver three of that size at a time but not one 150mb file.

When I have files larger than 50mb I use Dropbox and send the Buyer the link to that file through Fiverr messaging when I deliver.

Note that if you use this method that the files will not be available for your Live Portfolio. I often also deliver a smaller scaled down file as a proxy just to get something in my portfolio.