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Fiverr system?

anybody knows how fiverr system work?it means how they chose a gig for there Recommended list? :frowning:

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Anyone who knows isn’t talking.


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Reply to @anarchofighter: can you please tell me?

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If you mean the “featured sellers”, we have no control over that. The Fiverr editors chose gigs that are unique, well-written, well-presented and have high ratings but they’re not always from top-rated sellers or high-volume gigs. The editors also control the gigs which show up on the Fiverr front page & newsletters. Again, nothing we have a say about, altho I’ve read that some sellers write to customer service asking them to ask the editors to consider their gigs; never heard if that helps. I’ve had gigs in newsletters & on front page but never asked to be considered for that.

If you mean the gigs which show up first in search results, no one knows the algorithm for sure.

@anarchofighter :Maybe they’ll talk with the right persuasion~! (can anyone say “thumbscrews”?? )